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by Octavio Aragão

"I nominate the word 'memory' and I recognize I nominate what. Where do I recognize otherwise in the own memory? But then is she present to itself same, by its image, and not by itself own?" Holy little August, Confessions

A golem for Mr. Moore - there is a good motive for that the cânticos religious and the prayers be entoadas in high voice. Second to Complete [1], cosmic energies would enter in movement like this that certain sounds went uttered by human voice, transforming the reality in batter moldável and our will in capable spatula of formatar the continuum. Already it is public and notorious for the traditional readers of this site that Alan Moore took a radical decision in the moment in that completed 40 years: opted for study esoterismo, more especificamente the magic of the words, instead of suffer a crisis of middle age. To who it accompanies the work of the scriptwriter of Northampton, you have influences they stayed clear in some of the most most recent series produced for the American market, more especificamente to mini Judgement Day, of 1997, for the Awesome Entertainment, Glory, thrown incomplete by the Avatar Press in 2001, and Promethea, still published by the stamp America' s Best Comics, from the DC, where the writer takes advantage of the imaginary one of the super heróisI found in mystical references, crossing narrative technique and a certain one didatismo cabalístico in a not always pleasant mixture to the big public, usual to the imediatismo maniqueísta of the vilões monomaníacos and of the two-dimensional protagonists. Despite of it nourish certain sociological pleasantness by the colantes colorful and of already I to have done a good money graces to them, Moore mantém a healthy foot behind when sees obliged it act in the market estadunidense. It is not of find strange, since, apparently, the author there was fact he his last word to the kind with the a lot one spoken series Watchmen, without he count on the previous Miracleman, V of Vendetta and Captain Britain, but he is able to he be said that Moore he received a proposal faustiana, upon to be invited by the controversial one Rob Liefeld, - illustrator American of dubious qualities in we will have of drawing and narrative but owner of an arrangementNotice -, to build of the zero all a universe ficcional for the stamp Extreme, from the publisher Image Comics. To Extreme was a golem I do of clay [2] and the proposal, at least, constrangedora. Barely someone without car critic would be able to he invite an of the most greatest scriptwriters of the little charts of the world to assume a derivative personages flood publisher as Supreme, clearly a copy of the Super Man, from the DC Comics, and Badrock, a man of stone based in the about from the Marvel, where Liefeld he worked during a long time and he became a youth star. Moore, however, he likes golens, mainly when they permit that he write the word Emeth [3] in the forehead of the monster and he blows life in his narinas.

The God from the lie and the book of everybody the histories - Moore he assumed Supreme from the number 41 and he transformed the series in a success of critic, with indications to the prize Eisner and comments elogiosos of his equal, as Neil Gaiman, if referring to the hqs of super heróis:

"(...) They the narratives exist more or less pulp that they are deeds to the touch of box by professionals that are giving the best one of itself, or not. (...) But there are precious exceptions - Supreme, of Alan Moore, an exercise of reescritura of the 50 years of the Superman aiming at become read in somewhat that be worth hardly. "[4]

With so much positive repercussion, Rob Liefeld ignored the decrease sell from the series and made official the invitation to Moore for that that assumed all of the titles from the publisher, rebatizada as Awesome Entertainment, with a minissérie of opening. The idea of the designer was a megasaga that united all of the personages from the old one Extreme, jelled of deaths and scenes of impact, under the name of Judgement Day. It is always good remember that in the epoch the pair formed by Mark Waid, text, and Alex Ross, art, to have finished placarding another one series more or less in the same format for the DC baptized of Kingdom Eats. It is not difficult thing imagine of where Liefeld removed the idea for its Gotterdamerung [5] private.. Moore, as was of be expected, hated and increased that, if went obliged it write a copy of Crisis in the Infinite Lands, would break I hire with the Awesome. However, if he had liberty to develop the concept embutido in the title Judgement Day, he would be able to he think of something. Liefeld, in an I tear of good sense, he gave carte blanche to the writer and this developed a script portraying a sort of judgment of O. J. Simpson version super hero. The plot, basically, era the following one: in the beginning of the time, the God Hermes [6] conceived an I take that would become real everything that that itself wrote in its pages. The indestructible book passed from hands in hands através of the centuries, being always manipulated by his bearers - vilões or heróis - that they aimed at I profit personal. An of the interesting characteristics of the volume was that the reality would be able to to be altered retroactively case itself pulled out pages or was put out previous writing and, using that trick as narrative resort, Moore lent an unsuspected depth to the two-dimensional personages of Liefeld, becoming them machiavellian, conspirators, egoistas and icônicos, being capable of murder some to the others to stop the possession of the book. Beyond that, created all a mythology for formatar the universe, populating him with Celtic barbarians, walking riders, caubóis renegade, wild it I read Tarzan and soldiers from the World Monday War. But the main seasoning of Judgement Day was the utilization of precepts of Complete inserted in the history. Upon it present Hermes, God Greek from the communication, of the verb and, not coincidentally, of the thieves and of the lies, as the main one narrador from the saga, Moore opened the box of Trismegisto [7] to the fans of little charts, doing an unsuspected bridge between magic and literary technique. Hermes serves like contraponto and incarnation from the own history, to Complete personificada, verb I do personage, with meat of paper and skin of nankim. He is always good he remember that, in Greek, hermes he signifies "interpreter" and then drift the science from the hermenêutica, beyond the denomination of the hermetismo, root completely ocultismo. The Hermes of Moore he is sedutor, melífluo, enganador. An entity I do golden and for who we read them from the physical one itself they fold, being able to be represented in movements varied inside a same requadro. The God is expressed in stanzas and, in a tone apocalítico, he disseminates the precepts cabalísticos while introduces to mini series:

"Frantic we Thumb our Memories, Stage by Stage, Will Go adds Clue Overlooked Upon the Way Yet Read on, Line by Line, Pays after Pays, I Have our Denouement; I have our Judgement Day.

Spellbound, Forget Amidst the Laughs and Thrills That Words may Change to World..

...And Language Kills." [8]

That, however, it will not be to last time that Alan Moore will utilize Hermes I eat his spokesman. Still there is many histories it count.

The roots and the ramifications of all of the possible worldss - THE concept from the "tree from the life" that serves like prop of the world is a constant one in several mythologys and, beyond that, an of the concepts basics from the Complete one. Yggdrasil, the nordic tree whose seiva feed the God and that maintain Asgard about his branches [9], is the concept about which Alan Moore structured the series Glory, originally developed for the Awesome in 1997, but barely published in 2001, by the Avatar Press. The princess Glorianna, son from the Greek God Deméter, did nothing more be that a clone indisfarçado from the Woman Amazes, from the DC Comics, with its island populated barely by women and you will be able to very similar to the original personage. Moore repeated the formula well happened with Supreme, assuming the resemblance between the two but transcending to mere copy upon increase myhtological elements, more or less as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby they did in Thor, during the decade of 60. Glory passed have it a double life: by day garçonete of brink of road; to the night, warlike princess wearing a scandalous clothes armor colante. But to obviedade ends by there, since Gloria West, to garçonete, believes that "dreams" be Glory, the God. Secret nothing of identities or phone booths for that heroine, but to constant doubt as to the own sanity. Glory arises when necessitated and treats Gloria as a mere shell, a helpful disguise for his moments in the Land, when is not in the kingdom of its mother Deméter or visiting the father, the devil Silverfall.

Moore establishes Finalizes Thule, the kingdom of Deméter, Ceres, Geb and other divinities connections to the element land, in the lower landing from the tree from the life, as himself Yggdrasil went an immense where each building he walk he sheltered a sphere of influence elemental relativa to the several levels of perception from the reality. Immediately above of he Finalizes Thule, is the Lunar Sphere, relativa to the inconsciência, to the dreams, to the fantasy, governed by Selene, Diana, Ártemis and other God connections to the Moon, and soon followed by the Land from the Magic, from the language, from the science, from the communication, under the direction of, yes, he of news, Hermes, Thot and Odin. In the sequence, the Kingdom of the Love and of the Emotions comes, territory of Venus, Afrodite, Nike and everybody the arising from divinities from the passion of the hurt; happened by the home of Apolo, Horus, Baldur, Osiris and Jesus, the solar divinities. Treats itself of the Kingdom of the Love and of the Emotions, territory of Venus, Afrodite, Nike and everybody the arising from divinities from the passion of the hurt; happened by the home of Apolo, Horus, Baldur, Osiris and Jesus, the solar divinities. Treats itself of the Kingdom of the Spirit, from the Unit, sobreposto by the dwelling of Mars, Airs and Tyr, the God from the war and of the conflict, and by the lands gerenciadas Júpiter, Thor, Indra and Jove, the territory of the paternal figures, of the successful marriage between matter and spirit. About all of those spiritual feuds the Abyss comes, and after, the last three spheres, being that to more high of everybody is the dwelling of Yaveh, of the Allah Islamic, of everybody the most supreme divinities, the Alive God of the religions monoteístas. The tree from the life still would shelter about its roots, the lands of the shades, the Hades/Infernos/Submundos, of where the father came of Glory, Silverfall. The government of this world that is not necessarily 'bad' would stay under him I take charge of Plutão, Hades and other somber divinities, and margeando everything still there would be place for an immense body of water, the 'Chromoceano', present river of light in several cultures. That broad setting and detailed would serve like barely inexhaustible spring for several histories of Glory, but, unfortunately, the series was interrupted in the number three, without forecast of continuity because of the decrease sell, but Moore would not abandon a so complex work that, obviamente, required a lot research and concentration, guarding him for the future. That future arrived in 1999, embodied in Promethea.

To another one it come back of the caduceu - With the definite bankruptcy of Liefeld and from the Awesome in 1998, Alan Moore uncovered himself full of news concepts, unpublished projects and surrounded by anxious and talented youths illustrators to work in co-owner with him, but without an environment for desagüar so much ideas represadas. It enters in scene Jim Lee, artist contemporary of Rob Liefeld in the Image Comics, with another one proposal faustiana: Moore would have carte blanche to create the titles that wanted, to that went englobados in an own stamp, the America' s Best Comics, and published by the Of Lee, in the epoch still partner from the Image. Moore accepted and began work it immediately, but soon the project looked threatened with the sale from the WildStorm for the DC Comics, for who Moore to have sworn never work again. However the conditions of work offered to Moore by the DC were extremely positive, maintaining the writer as holder of the rights of all of the personages conceived and with a resulting return percentage boa of any project derived from the series, you have like cinematographic outputs or lines of toys. It was a proposal irrecusável and the scriptwriter threw five titles in 1999: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a joke steampunk [10] about the personages from the literature vitoriana; Tone Strong, that reaproveitava several concepts originally thought for Supreme; Top Ten, a mixed police series of Hill Street Blues with super heróis; Tomorrow Stories, an anthology of several HQs of independent and peculiar styles between itself under the same title, and Promethea;More more ambitious of the five, that Moore would utilize like stage to give a true class of esoterismo, having to Complete as main slope. Alexandria, 411 A. D. A girl foge of fanatic priests that they finished slaughtering their father, accusing him of feitiçaria. He, cpara surprise of his algozes, dies happy, seized to its bordão in form of caduceu [11]. New york, 1999 (not exactly the new york of our reality, but a place where flying saucers they are a trivial environment of transport, jointly with táxis provided with devices antigravitacionais and others aparelhos swims common to the inhabitants of any megalópole). Sophie Bangs, young student, prepares a research about a figure folclórica called Promethea. Sophie uncovered that the same personage, in several diverse epochs that they include a period between 1780 and 1999, went fear of peculiar works, in diverse medias you have like poems, romances, pulp fiction and to fotonovelas, by authors that never itself they knew and now obtained mark an interview with the widow of the last artist it work in the concept. To meeting, however, finishes early with a notice from the woman:

"Listen, kid, you take my advice. You don' t wanna go looking will go folklore. And especially don' t want folklore I have eats looking will go you." [12]

But certain words already went you dictate, certain names pronounced. The evil already is deed and the wheel of the universe is rotating in a speed such that soon Sophie Bangs is presented personally to the object of hers research: an obese and decadent, however powerful woman, that it saves from the attack of a Smee, entity fantasmagórica and lethal sent to avoid that to young researcher goes more bottom in her work. The narrative gives a jump back to Alexandria, in 411 A.D. and we see infant fugitive of the beginning from the history, lost in the desert, confronting the colossal figures of Thot, God Egyptian from the communication, whose head has the form of a bird, the íbis, and Hermes, that door an immense one caduceu ornado by snakes cheers. Thot, by its time, brings in the hand an Ankh, symbol Egyptian of the God ONLY Aton. They are the incarnation of a double divinity, Thot Hermes, and they offer shelter and security to the girl, contanto that she travel through with them the veil that separates the world physicist of her kingdom, a place called Immateria, where "she will live eternally, as the histories". Immateria, second the entities, he is not a lot distant, but he is always "where does you be found" and, a time there, the infant will leave of he be a he be human and he will pass he be it a "history" eternal and that, possibly, inside determined conditions, he will be able to he transpose the portal for the physical world, therefore, after all, "some vezs, if a history is very special, she can snatch the persons". Alone then the twin divinities remember of he ask the name from the infant. "Promethea", she answers, before of he disappear in the ar[13].

If she did not exist, we would have of invent read - we Be able to see clearly the connection between Glory and Promethea. Immateria swims is more that the Land from the Magic descrita previously, kingdom from the language, from the science, from the communication, governed by Thot Hermes. It leave from here, Moore will go perfect the concepts cabalísticos presented previously, adapting them to the genealogy of Promethea in an evolution than imagined for Glory, without fear of utilize a language less accessible to the big public and distancing itself more and more from the iconografia super heroística. As well as the caduceu that inherited of Thot Hermes, Promethea is a personage transcendente and, in consequence, rebels itself against kinds and catalogações. The first arch of histories from the series, that goes of the number 1 to the 6, beyond present Sophie Bangs and the cast of coadjuvantes, initiates, from the third fascículo, the journey of car knowledge of Promethea, exploiting the kingdom of Immateria. In the following arch, the several spheres already presented in the synopsis of Glory will be visited. The pilgrimage will last to the end of the third arch, in the episode 23, but the first six numbers will be focados in the diverse aspects from the entity. The first one finishes setting out that Sophie is to new incarnation of Promethea, in substituição to the obese personage that confronts the Smee. That woman, Barbara Shelley, explains the student who really went to Promethea original, the son of an airtight educator Egyptian - or better, a priest of Hermes - that lived in the century V, and he gives the names of five artists that served like vehicle for the conjuração from the divinity. Those creators, a poet, a cartoonist, an illustrator, a quadrinista and a romancista, they went the conduit by means of the which the entity traveled through to the physical world, but the "fuel" that to feed is the love. "Any a with imagination and sufficient enthusiasm by the personage brings read of Immateria, barely thinking of itself own or in another one person embodying the paper" [14], says Barbara, widow of the last artist to conjurar Promethea, leaving clear that the mixture of imagination, artistic talent and love is the capable trigger of materialize a dream.

Avatares outspoken - THE philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty affirms that, unlike the general belief, to lingüagem turns the back to the significance, does not worry about her. Or be, there is an underlying independence to the communication, whose main characteristic is a diferenciação and sistematização of signs, be us fonemas, in the words or in all a structure linguística. A thing until can cause to the another one, but that do not want say that the fundamental function of the signs be be at disposal of the meanings. The signs, to what looks, they have an own diary.

"In a certain sense, the language never is occupied otherwise of itself same. So much in the interior monologue as in the dialogue there is not 'thoughts' : treats itself of words stirred up by words, and, in the measure even in that 'we think' more fully, the words fill so exactly our spirit that in him do not they leave an empty corner for pure thoughts and significances that be not of language" [15]

That independence between sign and meaning parace be the spring motriz from the series as a whole one and appears very clearly when, in the third number from the series, in the chapter intitulado Misty Magic Land, upon visit for the first time the kingdom of Immateria, Promethea finds an incarnation physics of Chapeuzinho Red, that, despite of appear like a candy and angelic blond girl of ten years of age,A prostitute of brink of him yourself fall. Moore looks fascinated by that contradiction since this is barely to first of a series of you guide that Promethea will go find in its peculiar journeys by the flat cabalísticos. Those avatares outspoken they will be, in peculiar moments, old feiticeiros garanhões, angels in form feminina and sweet, male clothes travestis transsexuais and to the two snakes of the caduceu they change gracinhas little condizentes with theirs cosmic condition of entities. In the following chapter, TO Faerie Romance, we are presented to the four last versions of Promethea, everybody living in Immateria and each a representing a characteristic from the personage: muse, warlike, lover and professor, everybody passing to Sophie a peculiar significance for the use of the "verb" as transforming instrument. If brandished like sheet, words cut, they separate the bodies of the men of theirs heads; on the other hand, during the wars, words can be to last inspiration, a cup of hope. But words also belong to the world stuff, healthy currencies to change, purchase, liberation of please physical and, finally, words can be a cane, symbol fálico male, magical little stick, be able to. Sheets, cups, currencies and sticks. Swords, copas, golds and sticks. The letters are on the table and, from the episode 12, the cosmic game begins Anagramas arcanos - After two numbers, respectively 8 and 9, where fights the forces combined of the hell in a climate absolutely 'super heroístico' - barely as a reminder to the readers of that, in the bottom, to magazine is part of that tradition -, Promethea gives a yaw without precedents in the commercial little charts published us United States. Moore dedicates an entire magazine to a scene of sex tântrico between the heroine and the vilão Jack Faustus in the históriaentitulada Sex, Stars and Serpents. Did not that that go some novelty for the author: who remembers of his golden phase in Swamp Thing, from the DC, in the years 80, knows that he already to have approached fear 'sex between peculiar' of daring enough form for the conservative media estadunidense, with success. But of that time Moore, with the undeniable aid of the illustrator J. H. Williams III, more went well distant, with explicit scenes of cunilíngüus, variations of positions and orgasm, without, however, slip in the bad I like pornographic. That edition, that narra passo-a-passo an intercurso sexual lined about citations more or less obvious you have like the snake kundalini, the symbolic power of cots and caverns and as the humanity he is able to comungar através of the act, he was indicated to the Eisner 2001 as better individual history. After that pause for rest, we have more an adventure of the kind "heroína-derrota-o-vilão-do-mês", in the number 11, that serves of preparation for the big journey that to turn it follow, with Promethea traversing everybody the 12 kingdoms that congeminam the houses of the zodiac and the arcanos bigger of the tarot, a by month, during a year. Soon in the first number from the saga, Moore utilizes a strategem to relate the personage to each letter of the tarot, producing anagramas with the word Promethea related to the 21 images or to the inherent concepts during the 24 pages from the edition. Like this, Metaphore is the representative term of the Lunatic; Equal Theorem remits the Magician; Mater Hope is the Priestess; TO Pert Home marries with the Imperatriz and Rope Thema is the Imperador; Ape Mother is the Hierofante; Me Atop Her is the letter of the Lovers; Looks at Path, the Car; TO For Theme comes with the Temperança; Here Time, the Hermit; Eh, Tempora is the Wheel from the Fortune;To THE Harem Pet; Hm Operate is oEnforcado, while the Death is THE Reap Them; THE Art is Emote Harp, the Devil is The Mop he Was, home of God he is Meter Heap; THE Star is Map THE Ether, the Moon, Earth Mope, and the Sun is Meth Operates; THE Judgment is Meet Harpo, and, finally, the World is Heart Poem. Each an of those reescrituras of the name "Promethea" descortina an of the hurt of the arcanos and help it draw a summary from the history from the humanity since his primórdios to the end inadiável - that, second the snakes of the caduceu, will occur in the year 2017 - to I start again, when the the letter of the Lunatic again will go discarded of the pack of cards. Sophie, as well as the reader, has now a panorama, a map of the future. Sufficiency decide that I walk follow.

Sephiroths - Curiously, went in this moment that the series lost more readers. The fans claimed of a possible one proselitismo from the part of Moore, as was being tried attract the readers for its vision of religion, and some tarólogos they aimed possible errors of interpretation in the meanings of the letters, but Moore is not intimidated and continues despite of the critics, affirming: "In we will have of mental energy, I feel I eat was me 15 old years. Uncover the magic when needed to her, and has been immensely helpful. The magic is the viagra creative" [16]. The chapter 13 vouches for the beginning of the reaproveitamento than Moore imagined for the series Glory, from the Awesome Entertainment., inside Promethea. The Tree from the Life is back, to Yggdrasil nordic, beyond the first straight citation to the Complete one in the pages from the series. Promethea shows its friend Stacia a diagram from the Tree, with everybody its spheres properly numbered, designed in the ground I eat went a game of amarelinha.

"This you go like to map, or maybe to circuit board. It' s the structure of things, whether that' s the universe or each individual human soul. It' s an old hebrew knowledge system called kaballah. It' s intended I have encode all conceivable existence in to single glyph." [17]

And like this, during a year Promethea travelled by all of the aspects - called 'sephiroths', or very appropriate, 'letter' in hebraico - derived from Yggdrasil. It went to the lunar circle, reencontrou Thot -Hermes in the circle dedicated to the communication, where Moore takes advantage of to give a demonstration of metalinguagem doing Hermes affirm that to better way of be understood the God is by means of fictions illustrated - as the histories in little charts - and propõe, facing fixamente the own reader, that some fictions can be effectively cheers [18]. Promethea knows the power of the emotions in the aquatic kingdom of Afrodite and stayed face to face with Jesus in the point more high of the plan apolíneo. It uncovers that Mars is not barely the God from the war, but also from the force, from the strategy, of the cold judgment. The Wednesday sphere, Chesed, he is the dwelling of the patriarches, of the shepherds, and where Promethea and Sophie they find his parents lost and where the girl separates of her double mythic to follow journey. And then, in the number 20, there is the Abyss, where Sophie he uncovers that he can have a sephiroth forgetful between the room and the third. A number that can be infinite: Pi, a hole in the log of Yaggdrasil, which way creatures lovecraftianas they stalk. The alluring title The Wine of Her Fornications antecede the entrance of Sophie in Binah, the temple from the feminilidade, where themselves reencontra with Promethea. This it is the temple from the Fundamental Mother, as well as Chesed is the sephiroth of the Father, that that is not an alone one, but three complementary aspects: Babalon, the prostitute; Maria, to virgin, and Isis, that that gives birth the Savior and initiates the route for the Apocalipse. The following chapter, Et In Arcadia Ego.. [19], it finalizes the pilgrimage from the heroine Promethea by the ramifications from the Tree from the Life, simultaneously resuming to the beginning from the journey in the meeting with the figure of the arcano Crazy, of the Tarot. Promethea and the spirit of theirs Barbaric friend they close the cycle sobindo an escadaria route to the face of God. Yes, you I read correctly. The God.

Deo Gratias - THE number 23 finalizes the journey with an edition atípica. The Serpent And The Dove narra the walk of Sophie Promethea and Barbara by inside "God" and is an empreitada that challenges the cânones from the traditional visual narrative with pages of reading circulate, outlines instead of drawings finalized as breaks of the development from the history and monocromia representing the Divine Light. The identification of God as an Aleph, an eternal point moment, synthesis of everything that there is, occupies a double page where mandalas and routine scenes alternate in circles concêntricos that they drain in an external vision from the Tree from the Life, where some of the sephiroths they are planets of the solar system. And like this, doing I walk by outside of the log of Yggdrasil, fluctuating for the space, Promethea come back home and for adventures of cunho more "super heroístico" from the episode 24, but, to what looks, the backdrop cabalístico will be in the cerne from the personage to the end. By the way, looking in perspective, that opinion be a fear recorrente in the work of Moore there is at least ten years: Hórus Hermes does a short apparition in the last pages of From Hell, the biography of Jack, THE Estripador[20]; is in Supreme that the concept from the Immateria appears for the first time, with the name of Ideaspace[21]; to graphic novel The Birth Caul deals with the idea of aOf a city, in case of, London, in parallel with the individuals that in him they reside [22], as well as happens in the romance THE Voice of the Fire [23] and, again, in From Hell. Or be, looks that to recorrência from the Complete one goes beyond a passing fever and the author is determined it traverse the road from the Tree from the several Life times. Alone in the remain expect that always having place for more a nessas journeys.


1. Complete or Qabalah is the tradition mystic of the Judaism emersa about the year 1200 in Provence, France, that seeks order the universe by means of multiple combinations of numbers and letter, as a "prescription" for the Creation. Graces to the Sepher Yetsirah, Book from the Creation, centuries II and IV, achieved big prestige between the studious, postulando the beginning that the letter, emanação of the divine power, is also the signature of the things and the combinations between several letter would remit to the structure of the cosmo.

2. "The word golem figures by the first time in the Book of the Psalms, Psalm 139, verse 16. Interprets itself in general that psalm as being the words of the man that thanks God for have read created and that rememora for itself the peculiar phases of theirs creation: 'My golem, Your eyes saw him'. The term golem takes here simply the meaning of 'embryo', that is the meaning that has in hebraico. But it is able to herself also conceive that is Adão who speaks (what did not delay in I to be done by the exegetas) and that he revives the corresponding episodes of the Genesis. In that case, the golem receives a shipment of determinations you will supplement. He is an inert batter of land of the body of Adão before of him he be insuflado the pneuma divine, the land still done not inhabit by the spirit and that he awaits he be vivificada by the soprovital." MATIERE, Catherine. Golem, in Literary Dictionary of Myths; BRUNEL, Pierre (org). I laugh of Rio de janeiro, Rio de Janeiro: Bookstore Joe Olympio Publisher INC., 1998 - 2ª edition, p. 407/408

3. "Jeremias and his son Ben Sira, with the help of the Book from the Creation, they put in the world a Golem and about his fronte was writing: emeth, "truth", as the name that God pronounced faced with creature to show that his creation he was consummate. But the Golem he put out to first letter (aleph), to show that only God is truth, and he died." ------------------------------------- Op. cit., p. 408

4. GAIMAN, Neil. Introduction, in Kurt Busiek' s Star City: Confession. It USES: Image Comics, 1907. 1ª edition, p. 10/11.

5. Gotterdamerung, the Twilight of the God, is, between other things, to last part from the tetralogia wagneriana THE Ring of the Nibelungos, and count like the nordic God - Wotan, Freya, Brunhilde, Sigfried, Logé - they find their tragic end, entangled in a story line of lies and treasons.

6. "(...) There is not need of summarize here the histories of that the Hermes Greek, the Mercury Latin, is the protagonist, the hero or the figurante. Sufficiency we will remember some passages that put in certain highlight traços constant (...) Two dentre they stand out of a joint fact: by a side, its function of guides, connection to the its mobility; by another, its domain of the talk and from the interpretation, guarantee of a certain kind of know". FAIVRE, Antoine. Hermes, in Literary Dictionary of Myths; BRUNEL, Pierre (org). I laugh of Rio de janeiro, Rio de Janeiro: Bookstore Joe Olympio Publisher INC., 1998 - 2ª edition, p. 452

7. Hermes Trismegisto, that signifies "three big times", would have been the name of a mortal, son of Agatodêmon, descendant of Thot, the divinity Egyptian of the knowledge. We will see more latter than both divinities they can be perceived as two slopes of the same myth, but other genealogies are considerable. Holy little August, by example, affirms be the Trismegisto the tataraneto of a contemporary of Moisés in THE City of God, and Brunetto Latini puts the side by side with Moisés, Sólon, Licurgo, In A Pompílio and the Greek king Foromeucomo an of the main legislators from the antiquity.

8. MOORE, Alan. Judgement Day Sourcebook. It USES: Awesome Entertainment, 1997 - 1ª edition, p. 8

9. "Supunha itself that all the universe was maintained by the gigantic one freixo Yggdrasil, that be born of the body of Ymir - the giant of I chill - and had immense roots, an of the which entered Asgard, another one in the Jotunheim (dwelling of the giants) and to third in the Niffleheim (regions of the darkness and dofrio). Beside each raizhavia a spring that it watered. The root that entered Asgard was prudent tried for three Norns, God consideradas as owners of the fate. They were Urdur (the past), Verdande (the present) and Skuld (the future). To spring to the ldao of Jotunheim was the well of Ymir, in which they were concealed the wisdom and intelligence, but to of interest of Niffleheim fed Nidhogge (blackness), that corroía the root perpetuamente. Four deers ran about the branches from the tree and they bit the brotos; they represented the four winds. Under the tree, stayed estendido the Ymir and, when he tried he free itself of its weight, the land trembled." BULFINCH, Thomas. The golden Book from the Mythology, Histories of God and Heróis. I laugh of Rio de janeiro: Ediouro Publications, 2000 - 9ª edition, p. 381/382

10. Steampunk is a derived from the literary scientific fiction, generally linked to the subgênero from the alternative history, that has like characteristics the settings vitorianos and the technologies of character retrô, you have like locomotives and you drove, generally lugadas to the use of the vapor and from the electricity as spring of energy. Has as some expoentes literary the authors TimPowers (The Anubis Gates), Kim Newman (Anno Dracula) and the pair William Gibson and Bruce Sterling (The Difference Engine), that they were considerados the inventors of the Cyberpunk. Already in the little charts, beyond Moore, we have Joe Kelly and Chris Bachallo (Steampunk), Boaz and Erez Yakin (The Remarcable Works of Professor Phineas B. Fuddle), Randy and Jean Mark Lofficier (Robur) between many others.

11. The caduceu, little stick carried by Hermes around the which two serpertes appear complicated, is a symbol of transcendência and therapeutic, to the extent that to today is considerado umrepresentativo from the medical class, since Asclépius, son of Apolo and God from the medicine, also it utilized like instrument of cures. The caduceu, or herma, also is considerado as a symbol of fertility, being constantly associated to falos erect, but also to the fertility of the spirit, from the transcendência. The mixture from the snake, crawling animal, with the helmet and the sandals aladas help to understand the composed character from the divinity Hermes, that does the communication of the things terrenas with the upper sphere.

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13. The cerne from the legend of Promised, the titã that dared steal the celestial fire and finished acorrenteado and with the liver stung by a éguia eternally, manteve inalterado during centuries, but certain evolutions concernentes to the personality of the myth were noticed from Promised Chained, of Ésquilo, writing between 467 and 459 A. C. The playwright helênico went the first one it lend to the titã transgressor a characteristic civilizatória: he would have stolen the fire of Zeus to give up them to the men, for give them opportunity of evolution. It looks us that was that the viés choosen by Alan Moore upon build theirs Promethea, that also is bearer of a caduceu, whose snakes came and convolutas they shine with interior brilliance. An entity that, despite of fisicamente over the common man, if I manifest by means of the beginning creator from the humanity, the artistic flame, and itself raises against the obscurantismo, the forces of the disorderly chaos, box of Pandora represented by several personages vilanescos, mainly him driven crazy 'omnipata' andrógino Painted Doll and the mayor from the city, Sonny Baskerville, whose mind is home of all an infernal community. Upon fight those forces, to Promethea of Moore does not barely approach the heavens of the man, but functions like thermometer for the contrary road, showing up the constant evolution from the humanity in direction to the divine one.

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19. The phrase Et In Arcadia Ego... appears in a series of paintings produced during the Renaissance of the which to more acquaintance is a chart of Pussin that portray a group of shepherds observing a stone with the inscription whose correct interpretation is, second the critic of art Erwin Panofsky, "THE Death Exists Even in the Arcádia". That signifies that, even in the place that Virgílio considerou as the more idílico from the creation, there is the possibility of infelicidade, of suffering, and, consequently, of completitude. In case of of Promethea, Moore want symbolize the last one sephiroth, the home of the Unique God, or, as he calls, of the "I WENT".

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