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My MegaTokyo META Page


for trading, please contact Elisabeth


Squeak 08 Squeak 10


Angel 02 Angel 05 Traded for Boo x 2 Angel 07 Angel 09






Strength 04
September 24, 2003
1705 hrs
Traded Gamer 06 to Nightstrife for Angel 05. Whee! Another Angel! :)

September 22, 2003
1715 hrs
Traded Enigma 02 and 04 to Nightstrife for Angel 07 and 09. Whee! More Angels! :)

September 21, 2003
1800 hrs
Awarded one card for effort in l337 game, and note made that it's aimed more at original compositions. Silly player thought EVERYBODY liked Meatloaf. :p But game founder was very nice about it, and now I know. :)

September 21, 2003
1709 hrs
Traded Genki 08 for Angel 02, courtesy of Rowan Bristol. Trade makes both players happy, and puts Ms Bristol closer to a full set of Genki cards.

September 21, 2003
0245 hrs
Initial set of 5 cards arrives. Player beside herself with joy; only mildly disappointed that there's no Boo card.

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