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El Cheapo Press

Fun Zines, Dead Cheap

managing editor: Grey Bard at elcheapo-at-belladonna-dot-org

Available Now! "Rose Vines and Wire Ropes"
A "From Eroica With Love" anthology zine.
Cover art by Yuria, back cover by Nico.
Edited by Kadorienne.
A varied romp through the Eroica universe, featuring 10 different authors, 8 new and never before seen stories, an essay, poems, over 30 illustrations, and a reprint of the classic lost Eroica novel "The Waiting Man".
"Rose Vines And Wire Ropes" also features crossovers with "The X-Files" "The Professionals" and "Harry Potter".
For more details, go here.
182 pages perfect bound

A "From Eroica With Love" slash zine
Cover art by O-ji
A Rose Vine and A Wire Rope by Kadorienne
Impossible! by Grey Bard.
A ‘primer' on the origin and universe of Eroica is provided.
Outrageous fun with the noble art thief and his adored German spy.
26 pages staple bound


"The Filament and Other Stories" by Lemon Lashes
A Firefly Slash zine
60 pages, digest sized and saddle bound
$3.00 in person, $3.50 shipped within the United States


Got a novel? Got an anthology idea? I'm all ears. This is a bifictional press (gen and slash) and El Cheapo allows you to keep published stories up on the net. New fandoms, rare fandoms, crossovers, alternate universes and genre mixing welcomed with open arms. If I love it enough to sweat over a hot laptop and spend three hours photocopying it a Gilliard's stationary and convenience store, you're in.

Ordering information:

Email me at elcheapo-at-belladonna-dot-org with your order or mail it to me the traditional way. Don't send payment for email orders until and unless I reply. Sometimes my email crashes and I don't want your poor money left in limbo

Payment accepted by check, US cash or paypal.

El Cheapo ships worldwide, but please email me for shipping costs before ordering.

Allow three to four weeks printing and shipping time with the exception of specially arranged rush orders.

WARNING: You aren't supposed to read graphic sex if you're under 18. That's law of the land. If you're ordering slash, please send me an age statement so that I'm not a criminal, okay?

Send all questions, queries, orders, and LOCs to El Cheapo Press. Email me at elcheapo-at-belladonna-dot-org for the mailing address.


Also, you may say to yourself, "Anyone crazy enough to make fanzines probably writes".

That would be a correct assumption. Here it is, nearly all the stuff since I was fourteen and typo prone.

Are you utterly insane, strangely curious, or just a friend of mine?

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