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HM Treasury Government information on taxation, work and welfare issues, Budget, pre-Budget reports and spending reviews.

Taxation and the Euro Treasury information on how the Euro affects UK Businesses.

Inland Revenue Government information explaining tax procedures in the UK.

Customs and Excise Tax Explanation of VAT, other taxes and duties on the importing and exporting of goods.


Tax Services Tax information and consultation.

Tax Payments Check how much tax you should be paying.

Tax Aid Free tax advice and information.

Tax Facts Latest tax news, events, facts and figures.


This resource is designed as a research tool for journalists to provide a comprehensive guide to The Treasury and taxation.

It provides numerous links to organisations, information sites and articles concerning the Treasury and taxation.

There is also a more in-depth look at tax evasion and how the government intends to stop it.

The Treasury is the government department responsible for carrying out the government's financial and economic policy.

It decides what funding is necessary in all areas of public spending. It will also decide when Gordon Brown's famous five tests (see below) have been completed - as required if Britain ever chooses the Euro over the pound.

Taxation is the means the government uses to raise revenue to fund public spending. Compulsory payments are levied on income, property, goods and services to fund services such as the NHS, schools, public transport, prisons, social services, roads, police, the fire brigade and other public services.

The Five Tests:

1. Is there sustainable convergence between the UK and the eurozone economies?

2. Is there sufficient flexibility in the UK economy to respond to shocks if it joined the eurozone?

3. What will the effect of the euro on investment in the UK be?

4. What will the effect of the euro on the UK financial services industry be?

5. How will the euro affect UK unemployment and prosperity?

For a detailed analysis of the Five Tests click here.


The Budget 2002 Description and analysis of Gordon Brown's budget.

Financial Times Analysis Offers news, analysis and opinions on the Budget.

BBC News Comprehensive archive of news, analysis and discussion on the Budget.

The Guardian Archive of news articles concerning past and present Budgets.

KPMG Information on Budget and more links.

Deloitte Touche Detailed analysis on the impact of the Budget



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