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More Sprites. :O

My Main sheet. This is my main sheet of avatar character, Shoryu Dragonblade.

My weapons sheet. And here's my weapons sheet.

Soul. This is my entry in the Musical Bots contest, and it's my second scratching attempt. And yes, it IS scratch, despite is striking resemblence to Forte. That's because I HEAVILY referenced him.

Flashman. Done on request. Uh... Not much to say about this one...

Shadowman. I made a Shadowman sprite out of a Zero sprite. After showing it in #spriteranonymous, it led to this next thing...

Kojishadowman. Basically, Koji said something like "Give him long spiky orange hair and a face guard, and he'll be perfect." So I did. And Koji declared it perfect. 8O.

Brightman.EXE. This was done on request. I got good comments about it. First time doing 32 bit. The first version is outdated, I replaced it some time ago with the current version. Colors are still messed up. Might fix that sometime.

Alternate Forte Design. This a different design I made for Forte. At #spriteranonymous, someone said it looked more like an ultimate armor. Eh. :/

Double Dash Kart. I made this for Naraku's Double Dash comic thing. It's a frankenstien, but I likes it. :D

Nestea Battlechip. I made this for the (very) small battlechip avatar fad.