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Dragonblade's SUPER FUN Slash Tutorial

HELLO PEOPLES! This is a tutorial to show you how to make those NEATO slash effects. Glee!

Just a note, don't put this tutorial up on your website and say you made it.


First thing to do is to open up Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (I'm using Paint Shop Pro in this tutorial) Choose a background, if you wish, and paste it in. It should be called Image 1. Next, select the sprite you want to use for the effect, and copy it. Go back into PSP/Photoshop, and right click anywhere inside Image 1. Go down to Paste, and click Paste as Transparent selection. If there's any white in the sprite, chances are that some of the sprite will have vanished (like the inside of the saber). That's ok, though. After you click again to "drop" the sprite on Image 1, the sprite will have lines around it. Select the Selector tool, and right click again to de-select the sprite. Now fill in the area that dissapeared with pure white, or something close to it.

Step 1

Now, select the magic wand tool. Set the match mode to color, and tolerance to 50. Click anywhere on the saber to select a bit of it. Then, while holding down shift, click on anywhere you missed, until it's completely selected. It should look like this:

Step 2

This next image should be pretty self explanatory:

Ok, so now we're actually going to make the slash effect. First thing to do is, press F5 to restore it to default settings, if it's not there already. Then, choose the size of glow width (I almost always go with around 7.5). Make soft corners 100, as well as opacity. Then, uncheck the "Draw Only Outside Selection" box. It should look like this:

The red arrow is pointing to the box that needs to be unchecked, incase you can't find it..

Step 3

Next thing to do, click on the color tab. You should be here:

Make the color of the first box next to the blue circle white. Or, just click where the red arrow is pointing, if you have white set as a preset color. Then, click inside where the blue circle is. Basically next to the first box. That will create another box. Make that box's color the same color as the saber. It should now look like this:

And that's all there is to it! To make the slash bigger, just drag the second box to the right.

All sprites used in this tutorial are Capcom.