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Dragonblade's Sprites

All the Mets I've made so far. Updated whenever I make a new Met. The Mets are shown in chronological order (meaning that the first one I did is the first one shown, and the most current one is the last one shown). The Dragoon Met was made by wataresistant for me and I recolored the feet and added a sword. The Sonic Met was made by wataresistant, the Knuckles and Shadow Mets were made by GB330033, I did all the poses (not shown) except for the normal ones.

More sprites to come soon! I think.

A note regarding all sprites that have been uploaded to this website: You MUST ask pemission to use these sprites, and give credit when used (unless stated otherwise). PLEASE do not steal any sprites that have been uploaded. Yes, there are other sprites in my website besides the ones listed here.