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Super Heroes and Villians: Disabled

I know what you're thinking, Oh this is just about Professor Xavier and Daredevil. Well you're wrong. In Disability Studies, being disabled has a much broader definition. A disability is anything that prevents you from leading a normal life. Hence all super heroes and villains are disabled. They don't lead a normal life.

All of the heroes and villains of comics and cartoons fall into 4 categories:

Powers: The only reason these characters are disabled is because of their powers. Pretty much the only time they're visably different from the rest of us is when they're wearing their costume.

Appearance: These characters look different from the rest of us all the time. For most of the villains, this is why they became criminals. Either people poked fun of them as children, or were evil before and use their appearance to take it further.

Physical: Here we have one area of the "normally" disabled characters. Whether they're in costume or not, they fit the traditional definition of disabled.

Mental: Finally we have the characters that are just plain crazy. These people need help, mainly villains. This is the main reason why the villains in this category are villains.

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