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Who are the Offspring?

So, just who exactly ARE the Offspring? Well, they're the coolest band out there and here is some info on the members! There's only three because their drummer quit and I don't know a heck of a lot about their new one, although I met him! He was a sweetheart, he smelled good too. I'll upload the picture my dad took of us together when I can get to another computer. Well, here's the information. Enjoy!

Dexter Holland

Yes, here he is everyone! The spectacular, the wonderful, the SEXY...Dexter Holland!!!!! Don't ya just love him? hehe. Well, I, being the stalker that I am, am going to share as much info with you about him that I feel is necessary. :) Ok...he was born December 29, 1966 (he just had a birthday and is now 39!) in Garden Grove, CA. He currently lives in Huntington Beach where he has a record company named "Nitro" to help get rock bands up and at 'em! He doesn't like carrots because his first memory of life is when he barfed up some carrots...what a way to remember the start of your life! haha. He has a daughter named Alexa that I believe recently turned 18. I'm not completely positive about that one (CURSES!) Some of his favorite places to eat are The Aloha Grill, INNOUT, Del Taco, and Wahoos Fish Tacos. Hmmm...what else? Ah yes! His favorite color is blue (I got this info from a fan who said he signed a crayon box and said "aw, you don't have blue? That's the best color!" Ain't that adorable?) and His shoe size is 11 1/ I've been told. ;) Ok...that's all for now. I know more stuff, but it's time to stop.


Noodles was born on February 4th 1963. Some interesting facts about Noodles is that he's colorblind, he used to be the janitor at Dexter's highschool and he was adopted. He's an insane guitarist and he has huge coke bottle glasses. He's really cool though. He was funny at the concert I went to see because he cussed a lot. It was great. I've also heard that he's one of the most down to earth people. He has one daughter named Chelsea and he is married to a woman who I think is named Jackie. I saw him at the offspring concert, he walked right by me, but i was too afraid to stop him because he look like he was in a hurry, but I got some pics of that too that I'll upload. I was sooooo excited. Now I wish I would've talked to him though...but there's always next tour!


Greg Kreisel was born on January 20th 1967. Dexter and Greg were best friends in highschool and decided to form the offspring one day because they weren't allowed in a Social D concert because they didn't have a band. Greg's a really great bassist and he loves to golf. He collects hats and likes it when people throw hats at him on stage. He has two little boys, one is two and the other is four. I didn't see him at the concert, but I heard him rockin' on the bass during the band warm up. (I was there VERY early). He's a pretty quiet guy and he doesn't talk much in interviews, so I don't know much about him, but he seems awesome.