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All about Me

HEY THERE! It is I...the stalker. THE ALMIGHTY STALKERDEX! BWAHAHAHA...*ahem* anyway. Let's talk a little bit about me shall we? goes. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassist/pianist and I'm working on the drums as well. I have an album called "All the Friends You've Never Had" and I've recieved copy rights on it as of this year. I'm going to be sending my music to Nitro Records possibly, although I'd like to aim a bit higher to maybe Columbia or something. You may hear me on the radio someday though! ;) Well, my hobbies include drawing (obviously!) writing music, playing my instruments, writing stories, acting, and just doing whatever else I feel like. I suppose another hobby of mine is myspace (go figure) I'm addicted just like everyone else around the globe! haha. Well, that's it I guess.