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Destinys Angels

Welcome to my webpage! The name Destinys Angels came from a comic book my friends and I had made up because we thought it was a cute name. We have had the name for about 1 and a half years now. My friends names are:Kaili, and Tierra. I hope you enjoy my site. I will add some comic book features soon! Also after I get the comic book on the site I think ill mabye make a part where you can make your own comics! On my page you will be able to send letters to me!Ill hopefuly try to anser 99% of the leters you send me! Hope you enjoy my site!!!!
Emma The Editor

About comic and Characters

Cooler the hottest girl in the group and loves to shop!!has had 4 boyfriends

Grumpy:Leader of the group,and most Grumpiest. Only has 1 boyfriend who has an additude himself.Also likes:Grumping at enimies and family and friends. Also enjoys shopping, and especially kicking butt!!!

Backup 101:Only 1 boy friend and, is the sweetest of the group.Also likes:Shopping,shopping, and shopping.Oh yeah and hangging out with her boyfriend and friends especially friends!!

Comic:The comic is basied on three girls kicking butt and still looking good enough for the mall! Every issue they at least kick one nut heads butt!! Only 1 issue is about not crime fighting , whch is "Jumping in Jamaica" which I proabaly wont finish til March or April. I hope you enjoy the comics when they come!!

*Boy friends* Cooler:1.Tanner,2.Alex,3.chad, 4.Kevin and still remains with Kevin Backup:1.Nathan Grumpy:1.Mark

All about me ~ Emma!! I have 3 cats, 1 gerbil and 1 paraket. I started making comics in August of 2002. I like to watch WWE wrestling with my Dad on Monday's, Thursday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's. I am not a tomboy though. My fave things to do are shop, watch tv, draw comics, and play video games. When you write if you want to tell me your intrests. Emma

Whats up?guess what we have 2 new members!There names are Katlin and Nina or troublemaker and amanda.

If you guys want to make comics of your own,heres some of the titles me and my bubs made up. new begging bad boys 1&2 purple fire ill tell you more soon.(not a title) Kicking Butt and Still looking Good!