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Stahl Poole Steimer
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Here is my comic strip DarkSideBluezz...archives. I hope to get all of them on this site. Enjoy!

The Very Crude First DarkSideBluezz(in Editorial form)
The Very First Actual Comic Strip
The Mean Beret
Football and the Friggin Blizzard
Philosophical Wonderences
Shirey Makes an Appearance
Feel those Pipes!
Dud or Stud
Silly Girls
Stupid Econ!
Lousy Pens!!
6:00PM, Channel 10
Joyous, Stupendous, Zip-Zoop-Zabulous Cheer
#$@!n' Piece of @&*!
Home or Away?
Pounding away Technology
Philly Sucks!!
Three Assorted Little Tales
But I'm Talkin about Shaft
Yeah, Like This Really Happens
Baptism Protests
Protest Machines
Plywood Hurts Like A Bitch
Three April Fools
A Stunning Tribute to a Junked-Up Heroin Fiend
2nd Greatest Movie Ever
The Crappiest Comic Ever
Sympathy Points for the Unsympathetic
What My Tuition Pays For..
End of Spring Semester '03

Here is the start of Fall Semester '03...some were colored, but photocopied gray...so NO COLOR!!
The Comic That No One Understood
Truth About Schoolbooks
The Short People Have Spoken
A Female Enters the Fray
Mass Disdain
Magnum Stahl, PI
Ron Jeremy Stahl
This Is Funnier In Color
Football Follies
DVDs..is there Anything They CAN'T Do?
Hockey, the Addicting Drug of Choice
The Truth Hurts...
Hard to Read, but Easily My Best Strip..
9.0 Optimized Don't Mean Shit With a Crowbar to the Cranium
When Shopping and Sports Violently Collide
Great Roach War, part 1,2,3
Great Roach War, part 4,5
The Sweet Gig of Being a Superhero
Wanted by the Fashion Police: High Stylin' Eddie Ryan
Ecuadorian Jews=Endangered Species
Job Market Ain't So Great Everywhere
Lord Of My Thing

The following strips are the most current, starting from the beginning of the Spring '04 semester to current...
Tis the Deer Season
Medicare 101...Philangecal Distress Disorder
'Well, I Have Some Good News...'
To Idiots!!Never Published
Free Advertising Goes a Long Way NEW!!
Nudes at 11NEW!
Insanity ReignsNEW!!

This is all i have for now, once I get all the other strips, i will put them online...if any are hard to read let me know!

Other Pics drawn by Yours Truly:
Link and Ganon
Three Unruly Predators
Gen-An Shirunai
Vega the Great
The Dark Judges
The Fallen Angel, Izual
Ninja Turtles
Batman Villians
Predator, again
The Fearsome Blanka
Grand Vizier of Chaos, Lord Des Seis, and the Infector of Souls Personal Favorite!!

Want to contact but are not sure how?? Well let me help...
E-mail=edp12@pitt.edu OR Ventrue87@aol.com
Feel free to send any sort of feedback

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