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This section has notes on songs and settings and various other crap. First of all, this site - and especially this section - is for me and the people in this fake band. It's divided by who contributed what and then some notes about each file.

Halloween '03 Playlist Added 100703
-The potential song list has been replaced by this "official" list. Jellybelly has been removed and Hummer has been added.

Rhinoceros (Bass) - Added 083103
-Uh...the bass for Rhinoceros

Tonight, Tonight (Bass) - Added 083103
-Uh...the bass for Tonight, Tonight

Hummer (Bass) -Added 083103
-Shut up.

I Of the Mourning (Leads/Solo) - Added 083103 (Edit - 092703)
-All Guitar 2. The solo is tabbed from the Pumpkins' appearance on TRL 030900 and is awesome.

Stand Inside Your Love (Ebow) - Added 083103
-The verse, pre-chorus, and chorus are all played with the standard Ebow setting. The solo is played in harmonic.