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ESP B-50 Bass Guitar

"When I was a kid, I owned two movies. Transformers: the Movie, and Back to the Future. One has giant robots, the other one has Michael J Fox playing Johnny B. Goode on the guitar. Thats what made me want to play guitar.

It was in the summer of '93 that I got my first guitar. I was all like, this is hard, and sold it at a yard sale for 30 bucks. Then I spent that thirty dollars on stuff. Fast forward seven years: Brian gets a guitar, this triggers the old memory of one of the things on my lifes to do list: Play Johnny B. Goode on the guitar. I buy an acoustic guitar from Gerald for thirty bucks. I begin to play, but I'm all like, this is hard. I never got that good. Chords are my enemy.

Then I decided that I could play bass and that if I play bass, then that would be the seed for a band. Brian on guitar, me on bass. Then Marc came over and we played, and it was on the tip of everyone's tongue, we just gave it a name (that's from Fight Club, nooj!!). That name was "Let's start a band". And the villagers rejoiced. Then while Marc and I were in the car making fun of Brian, we came up with the name, The Children of Twilight." - G