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Sunday, January 3 Sat-12-28-02 [In the Heat of the Night]
Look! Look! A comic on schedule! Early, even.

Also, I finally got around to updating the Cast page, so take a look for the profiles for Nick and Ai. By next week, I'm going to work on another spiffy little surprise, too. :)

Speaking of surprises for next week, I'm going on vacation, so Doug is on his own. Lord knows what he'll dig up for y'all. At least, to the best of my knowledge, we don't have any Shirt Guy stuck figures hiding in the closet. Then again, I could be wrong.

You know what I like?

I like feedback.

I like it a lot.

I like it because it lets me know if I've hit that happy sweet spot where I'm amusing other people as well as myself. I've been watching the site stats; I know that at least one other person aside from Karen and myself has been here. So you, yes you, that anonymous person who might have read our comic, please, drop us a line, tell us what you think (unless you were sent here via a misdirected Yahoo search for digimon porn; then I want nothing to do with you, you sick, sick puppy). I would especially like to hear some responses concerning our upcoming strips, as we're about to introduce one of the more experimental characters in CDU. The deal with her is that she is a personal joke that I am attempting to translate into a public one. I will of course understand everything about her and her relevance to the strip instantly, but as she is based on private experiences, I'm not sure how well she will translate to a public joke. This is a case of where I'm standing too close to the issue to see it clearly. So please, let me know.

BTW, despite all the uses of 'I' Karen did help with all of this in some small way too. ^.~