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Finally, after 16 years, it is with great pride that I am offering a VHS / DVD recording exclusively through my web site of my phony phone calls to talk shows and news outlets across the country! Over the past few years, I have been compiling video of the funniest prank phone calls to different news outlets and talk shows, along with pulling out some of the older "classic" prank phone call that I had saved on video.

(Above left to right: CBS's Dan Rather, CNN's Carol Costello (center) and Daryn Kagan)

Until now, my offerings have only been in audio form. Now, you can get a 40 minute VHS / DVD recording of some of the funniest prank calls ever made! The tape contains calls to Dan Rather (Space Shuttle Coverage), The Weather Channel, C-Span, Dan Patrick ("Sports Center" as infamous Cubs' fan Steve Bartman), various calls to Fox News Channel, CNN (Daryn Kagan, Carol Costello), MSNBC (Chris Matthews), "EWTN Live", "Good Day Live" (w/ Jillian Barbarie), Larry King Live, and many, many more! This video also contains the infamous "I see OJ" call. While I didn't do that one, it is a must that I collect it here! There is also a special "message" from me in the form of a booklet in this package!

(Above: MSNBC's Brian Williams)

This hilarious tape has only been seen in it's entirety by close friends and family, and has NEVER been offered to the public before! There will only be only 200 copies available, (100 DVD & 100 VHS) so it's first come, first serve. This recording will be of the highest grade possible, and contain only 1st generation copies of the original prank call! This tape is only available here, at!

(Above left: Infamous Cubs fan, Steve Bartman; above right, Espn's Dan Patrick)

You've heard ALL of these calls over the years replayed on "The Howard Stern Show", now you can SEE them as they happened on live television, as I taped them on my VCR while I did them, LIVE! With Howard Stern leaving for satelite radio, I wanted to make this offer available to his comercial radio listeners as we all say goodbye, and thank you to Howard for all of the wonderful years in Philadelphia on the great 94.1 WYSP! I am also making by entire discography available to those that might have missed them the first or second time around. If you would like to own a copy of this exclusive recording, along with anything from my entire discography, just link HERE!!!

This video is guaranteed to make you piss your pants! See a solid 40 minutes of rapid fire prank call VIDEO available HERE ONLY!

*This DVD is recorded on a DVD+R format!