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Canary Cry: A Pretty Bird Fan Site

CANARY CRY: A Black Canary Fan Site
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helped found the original Justice League of America along with the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman. She helped her superhero friends defeat villains with her powerful sonic scream (called her "canary cry") and her martial arts abilities.

Dinah and Oliver Queen (Green Arrow I) developed a romantic relationship, left the Justice League of America, and moved to Seattle together where Dinah ran a flower shop called "Sherwood Florist". Dinah lost her sonic scream as well as her ability to have children when she was raped and tortured by drug lords in Seattle.

Although she lost her scream, Black Canary continued to fight crime, relying on her high level of skill in the martial arts, including aikido and judo. She now works as an operative for Barbara Gordon, the JLA member known as Oracle. Dinah has joined the JSA, of which her mother, Black Canary I, was an original member.

Dinah recently was completely physically healed in a Lazarus Pit after an encounter with the villain Ra's al Ghul. Now she has regained her sonic scream ability....