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A Picture of Reality.

Capitalism: The opposite of socialism; aka Communism Light. A capitalist world gives you the power to become whatever you want, prove your worth, and ensure a bright future. Every goal of every small business is to grow and become popular in society's eyes; a perfect example of capitalism at it's finest. Socialism:The opposite of capitalism; aka a truely unperfect perfect society. Socialism is blunty a light form of communism, which if you ask any *smart* man is bound to fail. Humans are imperfect, meaning to put them into a so called *perfect* society is flawed and will end in oppression. In Socialism, the government tells you what you need and what you get, you have no chance at making anything worth money. The government tells you how to act and what to do, even where to work, and if you don't listen then you're punished.

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Remember, alcohol and drugs are the same, calling one a sin and another a saint is just ignorance. FRANZ

BTW, pls look up the Fibonacci Sequence, it might save your life.