Blueprint For Insanity

Reflections, Reverbarations, and Ominous Rumblings
Mon, 8-8-05:

Wow. I feel like I've just walked into someone else's room, but I know where everything is. I'm an interloper who is kinda nervous because I have the feeling like I don't belong here and the real owner is going to walk in on me any second. But that's not going to happen. This is my site. I started it way back in Sophomore year where I had great plans for it. I was going to be a great comic artist, and gather a huge following. That didn't pan out so I resigned, quite happily, to just draw for some of my friends who seemed to enjoy them. Then Junior year rolled around, the college mania hit and this sort of fell off.

Senior year started and I promised I'd make this place better than ever. What you all got and can see around you, however, is a hasty job of stapling wallpaper to the walls and vowing to "really set it up later, when I have the time". FYI, I never got around to making this site any prettier. Senior year was like a wrecking ball that crashed into my house, spraying sheetrock and choas, sweeping me out of the room I was carefully rearranging. Coughing I looked at where it had carried me.

I was the captain of the clubs I had been doing for years, I was more active in other things as well. I was driving around and hanging with friends. More importantly, however, I could see the finish line. I had run my four laps around the track, and I had nearly completed my mile that was Horace Greeley High School. I'm not going to be sappy and say I'll miss the place. No, not the walls of the classrooms nor the tables in the cafeteria have any value to me. It's the entire feeling of being a high schooler that I sensed nearing it's end.

It was the feeling of reading a really great book, having felt the reassuring bulk of pages that were left as you read up until now, when you realized there were only ten or twenty left. The story, you knew was drawing to a close. In twenty pages, tops, it would be over. There would be no more chapters, there would only be that stupid "about the author" page. So I've been enjoying the epilogue that is the summer, hanging on, but as August 19th draws closer, I can feel those meager few pages that I hold in my right hand getting lighter.

So I'm finishing this book, the book of high school, placing it on my mental shelf with all my other memories. However, now I, and everyone else, picks up this new, hefty book titled "College". the weight of the pages is reassuring, as it was back four years ago. It even has that new book smell. None of the pages are dog-eared or smudged. The sense of anticipation is building as I long to open the cover and begin to read.

So I'm done with updating this site. Maybe in the future I'll use it to host some files, but I think it's best to leave this particular book unedited. I'm off to go continue my own saga at Cornell. So goodbye, Greeley, it's been a great story, masterfully told by all of you. With that being said, I'd like to find out what happens next. ;-)

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