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Battle Bovine's Adventures in the City of Heroes!

Update November 28

I've been busy with classes and studying for finals (aka lighting some candles and praying to God that I pass). Expect new Hell Cow and Battle Bovine comics when I get done with this semester.

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Liberty League Crossover

Episode 8
Liberty League: The Hunt for Battle Bovine- By Weevil
Liberty League: The Return of Battle Bovine- By Weevil
Liberty League: The Battle for Battle Bovine- By Weevil (incomplete. You better get on this, Weevil.)

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Hell Cow
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My "art"

Battle Bovine is made using the amazing game City of Heroes. I am not affiliated with City of Heroes in any way, nor do I think they would want me to affiliate with them. I mean, come on, I'm just some guy who started putting word balloons on top of screen shots when I was bored one day. Why would they ever want to affiliate with me? Battle Bovine is filmed in front of a live studio audience.