The Adventures of Dragonfly : Nubian Prince

The Adventures of Dragonfly

Episode 1 : Petting Zoo
Episode 2 : Pirate Wants a Pegleg
Episode 3 : Where for art thou Poopchucker
Episode 4 : Sex, Thugs, and Toilet Bowls
Episode 5 : Nightmare On Tir Street
Farewell My Two Greatest Friends
Comments From The People
The 10 pk Commandments.
The Cemetery
Ganksta Rappers
The Dragon That Cried Wolf
The Gimp That Stole Gankmas
The Last Story From Dragonfly Ever.

Dec 13th 2005. i havent played any mmorpg for more then a few weeks since i quit ao. been busy with the game irl. i recently heard about Darkfall Online and I'm desperately hoping to get into Beta because it is a game that actually has pvp. if its a good game i ll play it. maybe i ll even make a new and improved more mature futuristic with lasers website for your personal viewing. until on.

My Favorite Things About PvP