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Rio Rita, Pardon My Sarong and Who Done It?

Rio Rita

Another Abbott and Costello I haven't seen. I'am hoping MGM will release a DVD collection of their Abbott and Costello films sometime this year since Universal Studios will be released their films on DVD.

Pardon My Sarong

Pardon My Sarong was the first film the team made back at Universal after appearing in MGM's Rio Rita. This film would be one of their wackiest as they sail to a tropical island and fight diamond smugglers. Bud and Lou are Chicago bus drivers who get talked into taking a millionaire playboy Robert Paige to California so he can enter a sailboat race. The owner of the bus company sends a private detective, William Demarest to track the bus down. He follows them to California where Bud and Lou trie to lose him in a nightclub. There's a great scene where the hide in various places and costumes to escape him. He forces the boys to drive the bus back to Chicago but Lou drives it into the ocean. The boys are brought up out of the water on the anchor of Paige's sailboat so he makes them a part of his crew which also includes Virgina Bruce who plays the sister of Paige's sailboat rival and is forced to stay on the boat. Lou as expected is a terrible sailor and steers the ship off course where they end up on a tropical island where they are greeted by the natives. Lou falls for the chief's daughter who also falls for Lou. Costello get's talked into going up to the volcano to fight an evil spirt. "Pardon My Sarong is full of great sight gags included the chase at the end which is really something to see. The weakest parts of the film are the musical numbers one by The Ink Spots is excellent while the rest are boring and slow the film down, but with so many great gags and jokes Pardon My Sarong is still one of their funniest movies.

My Rating ***1/2 out 0f ****

Who Done It?

Who Done It? is in my opinion Abbott and Costello's funniest film, although Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein is my favorite film overall. Who Done It? is a murder mystery set in a radio station where Bud and Lou work as soda jerks in the network's dinner. Bud and Lou have plans to break into the Radio biz with their crime stories they have wrote. The boys go to see a broadcast of "Murder at Midnight" where a murder takes place. Bud convinces Lou that if they can solve the crime they'll be hired as radio stars. Abbott and Costello pretend they are detectives sent to investigate the murder. Patrick Knowles, a newly hired writer, and Mary Wickes the private, secretary of Col. Andrews the Network's owner, know that the boys are really soda jerks. Knowles plays along and helps the boy with their investigation. Soon the real police arrive, William Gargan and William Bendix, and try to arrest Bud and Lou for playing detective. Soon there's another murder and the culprit is trying to bump off Lou. Abbott and Costello are simply a riot in this film. The boys are nearly in every seen and rack up a lot of screen time that would usually go to boring romantic subplots and musical numbers. Thankfully there are no musical numbers and a romantic subplot between Knowels and Louise Allbritton is keep to a minimal. One of the funniest aspects of the film is that Bendix's cop is even dumber then Lou and the boys get the best of him several times. There are many great verbal routines included Watts are Volts, Alexander 2222 and even a bit of Who's On First is a great gag. The film leads up to a spectacular climax on the roof of the building when the killer is revealed. The gags and one liners come at such a rapid fire pace that the film must be seen several times to catch them all. "Who Done It?" is simply the funniest Abbott and Costello film I have seen.

My Rating **** out of ****

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