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Shout-outs: BIG thanks to X Aeris and Evolution for helping me so much on this page, and to my cousin, current helper/designer of this site, and of course to me the owner of the site(Also does most of the html work)- Kevin.

DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS AND SUCH BELONG TO MARVEL, AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BELONG TO ME, I have to say this for legal reasons, you may be bored of seeing these, but it helps me out, also the "Won't Hear Marvel characters say" was influenced by Unofficial X-Men, a site I visit often. I claim only things that I myself have come up with, I also make no money with Marvel's characters. (POW)=Pages of Wizards meaning I did not come up with it, but took it straight out of the book, but I give them the credit, also I make no money with that either. I only hope to influence others to read Wizard magazine. I take no credit for the mutant maker, my former page designer got access to it and put ti on my site with no disclaimer, and it has been a hit. So when I find who is responsible for making it I will give them full credit. Once again I am making no money off of this, or making no claim of it.

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