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Okay, ladies and gents, you're probably only here because I told you to be here, and with good cause. I haven't touched the site in pretty much half a year, and that's mainly because, in my realization that I have no artistic talent whatsoever, I gave the comic the ol' "flip the bird" and decided to devote my life to writing. Now, between university, girlfriend and Starfox Adventures, art has taken a definite backseat.

Now, I don't have access to the PA art phorum's "rules" at the moment, and I'm sure this one violates pretty much all of them, thus leading to a locked thread and me being stoned out of the village. But I digress.

I'm working for the radio station at my University at the moment, and I figured that'd give me a nifty, uncommon premise for a comic or two. So I whipped this little ditty up, spent a hell of a lot of time trying to remember just how Photoshop works, and here we are. I apologize for some of the rough outlines - I think my scanner is sidelining as a beer baron or something, and is therefore too tired to do a decent scan. True story: The first time I tried scanning this strip, the bottom half ended up translated about an inch to the right of the top.

So, back to the main point, Mike Hamilton of Jobo (that's "Joe Boo", mind you, not jobo. Watch your pronunciation unless you enjoy having Durians whipped at you - and these ones won't turn your Yoshi purple). Anyway, Mike (or M2tM, as he likes to be called), threatened me with physical harm involving hammers or something if I didn't update. So here it is, Mike, ya pinko commie bastard! Hope you enjoy it. (And to Chewie, Mr. E, Yorrike, Blinky and the rest of PA phorum's "Groupe des sept", I await your criticisms, witticisms and biting remarks with open arms.)



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