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hello and God bless you aand the Lord will guide you with everything you need this is the homepage God has send me and i so geatfuley God has giveing me a lot we need to rember with god in our life nothing can go wrong and God will show us the strangth in everything this Homepage will have everthing indeing the teaching of the lord in post to come and the word of the lord only can view in this group so come back offen and God bless you the e-mail is not working right it My name is Borther Mike Goestenkors and my spirtley wife is Paster Karen I live in St Louis Missiori u.s.a Paster karen Live right now conger de ora phillpiness she is working on her visa and master in preaching and vey Good paster i have one child in very bad marreiged witch from, bad marrige My dughter has problem with sezers and austime but doing great in foster parents and i anm greatfuly buy god she is doing great like moses it was best i also have 3 step kids from Paster karen witch her husbend left her with three kids to be iwth other women and then anther women Join us in the world_wide_with_god_minstry for this six part series and other things post in our minstry Hi Online Friends, I am so excited about my new online series that starts tomorrow! We all have issues that we go through in life! In Webster's Dictionary an issue is defined as a matter in dispute or the resolution of which is of special or public importance. No matter what the issue is, God can bring you out of it! Tomorrow in the 6-part series," Women With Issues", we are going to look at six women in the Bible who had an issue and examine the different angles in their situation. We will also apply ways that we can overcome our own issues in our personal lives in a practical and down-to-earth matter. Online Friends be sure to come online tomorrow expectng something great to happen in your life! See ya tomorrow! God Bless, Brandon Bracey join our minstry and learn about the lord and prayer we our family Cult part5-15 Sunday Tesday and Thersday wil be in world_wide-with_god minstry and hechoicethecross due to problem with people in groups we will be posting thear if you our in jeusislordprayerminstry you not need to go in the group we open up new minstry in our webpge come join us in jeusislordpryaerminstry wrold_wide_with_god minstry and hethechioce the cross talk about God and show the word of the lord we all going have ben minstry and other minstry link kepp coming back to web page and join one on line minstry in yahoo to learnabout God and talk about God the link is blow and Free Submission

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Monster Island
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It is not fiction...

I'm sure you've heard of this place. It has figured prominently in numerous cinematic features by Toho studios. But in those films it is always portrayed as a desolate island, overrun by monsters. I must admit, when my pal Shu told me that Monster Island was more than just a fictional land populated by men in ill-fitting rubber costumes, I was in disbelief. He sent me some literature on the accommodations there and I was convinced.


Although Monster Island is a real place, the proprietors do not want the location to become too well known, fearing that twould then be overrun by the greatest monster of all: man. So my trip there was planned in secret and I had to remain blindfolded during my flight. But it was all worth it, Monster Island was the best vacation I've ever had. Being able to walk up to a 20 foot high bug was just about the coolest thing in the world. I thought the giant ape and other "Monsters" on the island would be in cages, or inaccessible, but tare quite friendly and accessible.

days 'til the turn of the next century!
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