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How to recover your money from a SCAM!

For those of you who use Paypal, all you have to do is go to the Resolutions Center on your "My Accounts" page and file a complaint. So far I've recovered the money that I've invested to test out the 1 Program that I've tried so far that didn't work.



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Work From Home is a FREE resource for people who'd like to be financially independent.

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This website is being created as a resource for those interested in working from home. There are a LOT of schemes and scams out there and I'm hoping to be able to sort through them and present those that work and give a warning about those that don't.

Working from home is an interesting idea that would empower many people who live in remote areas and others who just seek the freedom to break away from the 'wage slave' paradigm.

Another goal that I have with this page is to identify the techniques that work and then be able to use them to help fund the operating expenses for the Windhaven Foundation for Sustainable Living. Windhaven would also have the resources to assist other organizations by fronting the upfront costs of the programs and thereby helping other nonprofit environmental groups and ecovillages find more funding through the work at home programs that are successful. We'll see how well all that works. :)


I created a Discussion Group at This is NOT a place to advertise various 'opportunities', but a place where people can discuss what has and hasn't worked for them.

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The Work From Home Newsletter

A couple of times a month I'll be sending out updates on the various schemes and scams that I'm testing out. I hope this will help folks to see what works and enable them to more easily work from home.

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Programs I'm Testing

Below are the programs that I'm testing right now.     Feel free to check them out and see what you think. I'd be extremely interested in any feedback from anyone who's tried one of these programs. All of them required less than a $5 investment and all claim to quickly make you self-employed. We'll see. :)

$2 Empire        60 Cent Randomizer       Egold Revolution      


Advertising your Programs

If you decide to try one of these (or another) program(s) then you'll need to advertise it. Below are some of the sites I'm using.

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The Windhaven Foundation for Sustainable Living is a non-profit, educational resource dedicated to increasing public awareness about Wholistic health through meditation, fitness and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Windhaven is a member supported non-profit and depends on the support of it's members to help fund our Programs and expenses. Membership in the Windhaven Foundation includes a FREE subscription to Sustainable Living Magazine as well as other benefits and discounts.

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