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The Randomness
Monday, 22 December 2003
Why Name Your Car?!
Im sorry for those of you who beg to differ with me on this one....

I never understood why people name their car!
How do you know if it is female or not?!

Let me tell you, if I was a car and got some manly name like Clark or Vincent I would be thoroughly upset!

Besides if you think about it, cars already have names, so why personalize it even more?

I would rather name my socks than my car and that is where I am going to leave this one.

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 3:51 PM MST
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Chad Graduates! Finally!!!
Congratulations to my brother for finally graduating with a BA in Environmental Studies from CU!!!!

It was crazy times this past week.
He had his party the night before graduation and lets just say that I told myself I was not going to party it up with them, but later found out I made the mistake when I found my sleep area went from my bed to the bathroom floor...yep sick as a rat I was.. and like I said the times before I am NEVER drinking again!

It was a really good time and it was awesome to spend time with the family.

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 3:46 PM MST
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Theres Something About Goldfish!
For those of you who have been lucky to share my Goldfish experience with me you very well know my obesseion with them, and fish in general.

I have Always wanted a giant fishtank with well-any kind of fish. That would be the coolest.

It all started freshman year during the dorm living.
I missed my dog so much and just wanted some type of life in the room besides a plant and my roommate.

So I decided to get some goldfish...little did I know what a mess I got myself into.

I bet I have spend over 300 bucks on these things and at one point I had 6 of them!

There was a calico Ryukin goldfish named Moe...he died...then there was a Orange Oranda Goldfish named Stellar...he died...then there was a Black and Red Oranda named (I dont remember) but he died...and there was another one that was a Red and White died too...and then there was another red and black oranda named the Unsinkable Molly Brown...and it died!
Ok but now I have 2 Oranda goldfishies--- one is Orange and its name is The Cheese...he is awesome! The other is by far my favorite and he is a White oranda with a Orange head and his name is Wally.

This may sound a little ridiculous but I want to own a fisherie one day...a goldfish fisherie.

I think that would be SO much fun!

Fish give me a sense of relaxation and besides they are hysterical!

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 3:40 PM MST
Updated: Monday, 22 December 2003 3:42 PM MST
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Thursday, 18 December 2003
The Return of The Rat....
So, Did anyone else see the Return of The King and was very dissapointed?!
It was fun because 8 of us watched the Two Towers extended version before and we just had a really enjoyable time (although I did lose a link to my watch---reh!)
This show was so boring in parts that I literally slept for a half hour of it--ask Justin because he was my head rest, he told me he could feel my head get heavier and heavier until it was just obvious that I was passed out. LOL

No question--my favorite one was of the three is the Two Towers...

The best thing about Return of The Rat-I mean King was Legolas...he is so hot!
I just wanted him to jump out of the screen, grab me and ask me where I had been all his life...whew!

Elijah Wood is a MULLET!
The end of the movie when he has that huge grin on his face...he looks like a molester...HA HA HA!
How funny....

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 4:54 PM MST
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Tuesday, 16 December 2003
The Mad Dash To Estes Park.
This past weekend I was so ready to get out of Boulder, you have no idea!
Finals are over for me and all I wanted to do was buck around like a bronco.

Saturday Jodie and I spontaneously hauled butt out of the apartment, to the car and drove to Estes Park for the afternoon.
It was SO much fun!
We were trotting in and out of stores like that fat kid trotted through Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!
The people in that town must have though "Who let the freaks out!?"
We were in this one store that had crazy hats...we were going wild! I was lauging so hard at this one monkey hat that I fell to the ground (no big surprise)
I was searching the store for Jodie when all of a sudden she popped out of the clothes rack wearing this ridiculous stuffed animal monkey hat on her was to die for!
The wind was blowing so hard and it was so cold that we could do nothing but run in and out of EVERY single store.
We had lunch at this place called Poppys and of course have adopted that to our new "list of stupid things we say"
Jodie got a hamburger and you should have seen the size of the lettuce they forked on her looked like a was hilarious (I guess you would have to be there)
And then we went to the famous Stanley Hotel--where lots of Moose's (is that a word?!) were grazing-I have never seen so many in one herd, it was really cool.

These are the good times I am going to remember forever and always...Good times--Great Oldies!

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 4:34 PM MST
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If Its Brown, Flush It Down!
So the Broncos Beat the Cleveland Browns!!!
It was a great game you guys, I had a blast.
My Mom, Dad, Granny, Jodie and I went and it was really a good time.

There was this one kid riding piggy back on his Dad and his butt was completely hanging out of his pants!
How could someone not feel the breeze?
Anyway my Mom is yelling "Plumbers crack" My Dad Is Yelling "Nice Butt Floss" My Grandmother is yelling "Oh my" Jodie is yelling "SAY NO TO CRACK" and I am yellin' "Would You like Some flowers for that vase?!"
It was hysterical.

Then the entire game my Dad was harassing number 84 for the browns...Im talking giving the middle finger and all....My dad yells "IF ITS BROWN FLUSH IT DOWN!"

It was one of the most memorable Bronco games that I have been to in the past 16 years (which is a lot of games)

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 4:23 PM MST
Updated: Tuesday, 16 December 2003 4:36 PM MST
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Sunday, 7 December 2003
Im Off The DIET!
SO you know something is wrong when one drops 5 lbs in a week eating nothing but disgusting meats and cheeses.

I have always been against diets, I think they are stressful and they make a person go crazy (but hey I already am crazy-so I guess it wasnt that bad for me)

Last Monday I went on the CURVES diet which really is a glamorized version of Atkins or the South Beach diet.
I could have unlimited ammounts of lean meat, cheeses, eggs poultry and certain veggies. PUKE!

Every time I ate I was not looking forward to it. I felt like a barbarian.

I would eat a hamburger patty and think "Its a cheesecake!" But when it came down to was nothing but a shit sandwhich. (am I allowed to use bad words?-sorry if that offended anyone)

Poor Jodie (my roommate) was even getting sick with the stuff I was eating. The only thing I heard out of her mouth when I was eating was "Oh God, Oh God"

Bottom line is DIETS are not the way to go.
Eating healthy and exercising consitently is what has to be done to maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle-hey I can preach it, but dont practice it! Ha ha, no I do exercise I am just a sucker for peanut butter!

I got one thing to say---once you got fat you never go back!


Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 8:41 PM MST
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Saturday, 6 December 2003
This should be interesting, considering I can not vocalize to you right now about the frustration with the wide variety of pronunciations of my name.

The History: Some of you may find this helpful.

You may wonder "Why is her name spelled all weird?!"

Well friends, this is because Kahle is my Dad's Mom's Maiden Name.

What you will like even more is my middle name...Elswick.
Yep, Elswick. Nice name...if YOUR AN ANIMAL!
Im kidding, I like my name just fine.
So Elswick, yep that is my Mom's Mom's maiden name.

And can you believe that Atherton is MY maiden name?
That is some crazy stuff.

The Pronunciations: Bare with me

As you might imagine, I have heard every weird version of my name imginable.
And the worst part is when people that I have corrected on saying my name say it wrong time and time again! REH!

The Top 5 Mispronunciations that I have had:
1. Kale Like the Veggie
2. Kolie Like the Dog
3. Kaheiley Like the I dont know what
4. Kahhhle Like the Im gonna make sure I get
that "H" in there
5.@#&$*% Like the "What the heck is that?!"

I look at those and think--the people that do pronounce it that way--why would they say any of those? Who would name their kid after lassie?

This is really weird but it helps me to think of "KaYlee" when I tell people my name versus "Kahle" I feel that if I pronounce it the 'Kahle' way then I do not make myself clear.

Do you see my irritaion??

Since most have this "phobia" with pronouncing my name or like my friends who just don't want to call me Kahle here is a list of nicknames that I have been glad to call my own:

Kahlebug or Kbug
Wolly Worm (because my hair stood straight up when I was a baby)
Kahleboo or KahleOboo
Darlin or Calvin
K or Kate
Kahler or Kahlers
Kahler Tater or just Tater
Bunch n' Bunch ( I know they just keep getting weirder)
Gimp or Farquad or Popeye
REH or Llamer or Tootse
Wero or Werodie
Badu or Hidu or Skido
Coo Coo Nuts
Stacy 2 wheeler
Maharaja or Mutdy or Chops
Shami, Shamrican or Shamers

Yep, looking at that- it is a pretty sad list of nicknames, but I bet if you called me one I would respond to it.

I can not complain though, its classic...
If I did not accumulate all of these bizare nicknames, I would think that something is wrong with me!

If I forgot any that you think of...write it in the comments.

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 10:27 AM MST
Updated: Saturday, 6 December 2003 10:33 AM MST
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I am going to staight up say that Finding Nemo is my favorite Disney movie!

It is HILARIOUS! For those of you who havent seen it yet, SEE IT!

Most of you know that I am very easily amused-almost too easily amused. But if you can imagine that my Jodie (my roommate) is just the same, so you put the two of us together and its scary. I reccomend staying back at least 20 feet while her and I are in action...its hysterical.
We make fun of so many movie quotes, and twist them into pertaining to our life...which might not mean anything to you--but hey who's complainin'?
Bottom line is that this movie has opened a whole new door for me in the humor area-thanks to Jodie too!

So to Jodie and all of the other people that have seen finding nemo...Ive got one thing to say and that is....


Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 9:55 AM MST
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Wednesday, 26 November 2003
The Time I Ate It Getting Off The Bus
It is that time of year-the weather I mean.
I have to say there is nothing better than walking around the CU campus when there is black ice and unexpected holes in the ground everywhere.
There have been numerous times that I have "ate it" since I have been attending school here-and one time it wasnt even snowy out!
Let me talk about the most recent encounter.
THE BUFF BUS, I knew that thing is good for nothing. I have always pictured myself walking off it and falling on my face-I knew that it was bound to happen sometime.
I always prepare myself and get off the bus slowly and cautiously-like an old person. But this one time it all went down and I fell face first onto the curb. It felt GREAT!
It felt like I was falling in slow motion...I could just see the look on my face and all I was thinking was "Whoa WHoa WHOa WHOA!!!!!"

The other most memorable time was last year when Jodie (my roommate)and I went to see a movie.
It was a beautiful day out, not a cloud in the sky.
After the show we were walking back to the car and all of a sudden I was on the ground. I did not know what happened!
My hand was all scrathed up and there were grass stains all over my new jeans!
Jodie was laughing hysterically, like she always does.
I know I am not clumsy, but the more I recall of these mortifying moments, the more I second guess.

Posted by co4/wonderllamas at 6:23 AM MST
Updated: Wednesday, 26 November 2003 6:37 AM MST
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