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If you found this website, then you know I have quit Clan Neteru. I have accumulated many incriminating screenshots of Mars[Nu]. Winbotting, hacking, abusing access, admitting shit, talking shit, etc. It's been fun and sorry Mars but u were caught in screenshots. Go easy on him guys, he's just a noob. Here's a few of the screenshots, I may add more or show more later/on request.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Hall of Fame

Harakhti[Nu] - You were fun man, keep gaming hard.
Seth[Nu] (Doug) - Thanx for the great clans, keep it up man, good luck with Neteru.
Anubis[Nu] (Larry) - I didn't talk to you much or play with you much but you rocked those fastest maps hard, keep it up man.
Hathor[Nu] (Natalie) - It was fun hanging out.
Apophis[Nu] (Danny) - Tonz of fun thanx for being so nice ^^
Tyr[Nu] (Cedric) - From Unreal Tournament to StarCraft to hopefully Diablo II in the future u stood by my side and your skillz improved a LOT... Ur awesome man.
Most of Clan Neteru was great thanx a lot for the clans guyz.


I winbotted 4 wins on God[Nu].
I winbotted 12 wins on Aten[Nu].
I lied about my age I'm only 14.
I used iNHaLe 1.2.7 maphack 1 out of every 50 or so games.
I had Brenden (Dionysus[Nu]) play most of the 1v1s that I won.
I purposely launched a small investigation to find out everything we could about Mars[Nu] to get him out of clan. Though we did catch him violating clan rules, it was none of my business and I should not have attempted it anyway. We got off on the wrong foot Mars... sorry bro.

Email me at
to say goodbye or asked questions/comment. Sorry for violating the rules guys. It's been tons of fun, I hope you guyz live long happy lives. My AIM screennames are:
Pimpin Seksi
American Psych00
keep in touch!! ^^