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Four Uneventful Years in the USMC: 1984-1988

This site includes photos of people and places along with stories of my four years spent in the US Marine Corps from March 1984 through March 1988. If you're looking for blood, guts and stories of bravado, sorry to disappoint you but this isn't the place. Fortunately, there were no major conflicts at the time...

I was a Corporal of Marines (Tracked Vehicle Mechanic - 2145) working on M60A1 tanks, attached to 3rd Tank Battalion, H&S Company, Maintenance Platoon, 29 Palms California. My last year was with CSSD-32, Camp Fuji, Japan. Sound exciting? Well, probably not, but it may make for some humorous and/or interesting reading from the perspective of a "Peace Time" Marine.

Everything I've written is from the best of my memory. Some was provided from notes, a journal and letters to and from family and friends at the time. If I'm off or things seem embellished, I'm sure I'll hear about it because I'm still in close contact with a few of the guys mentioned even after all these years.


"I thought I joined the Marines... Tank mechanic's school at an Army base? I've never even heard of...."

Aberdeen Proving Ground

"Welcome to the Fleet Marine Corps PFC Teresi. Be sure to take suntan lotion because your first duty station is..."

29 Palms, California

"Thank you for boarding Flying Tigers Cargo, your ordered non-stop ticket Overseas. Please take your assigned seat and if wedged between dependants, please help remove of any soiled diapers. They accumulate on our eleven hour flight..."

We're off to Japan

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