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Next Meeting: Sunday, April 3rd @ 11:00 AM. See events page for further details.

Welcome to the newest Homebrew Club in Minnesota. This group is all about beer! Making it, enjoying it, and especially, drinking it! All levels of experience are welcomed to join our group. We may meet a someone's home to make a batch of brew. We may meet at a bar and enjoy samplings of a style of beer. If you've ever wanted to learn more about beer, then sign up and enjoy!

 So far, the club has made many different batches of beer. Types include: Pale Ale, Raspberry Blonde, Irish Red, Classic ESB, and Barley Wine. Sound good? Then join us so you can try some! I promise to keep the club going strong now. 

If you are interested in brewing, let me know. I brew almost once a week now and am willing to have informal meetings as well as organized ones anytime the group desires. I will make anything from extract brews to full all grain. Don't know what that means? Don't worry, we'll show you. 

In the not so distant future we will be making entries for the Minnesota State Fair beer competition. This is a large gathering of styles that attracts a lot of attention. I'd love for our group to make at least three entries, if not more. We have to brew now for the late August entry date.  

Plans are to meet once a month and do something beer related. You will learn the fine art of tasting, the joys of making a batch, and the friendship that can only come from a group of people getting together to drink beer.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a homebrew.


Beer Buddies

My name is Mike, and I am the current club president (actually I started the group, so I called dibs on President first). If you have any questions or comments use that Email and write me. I have been a home brewer for over 9 years now, and have made several batches of beer. We may be a small group now, but we sure can make some beer. This is a group for everyone, every level, and every (legal) age. 

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