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Thank you for visiting Transplant! A Half-life 2 Modification! The site is under construction, so right now we only have some general info.

Our mod Transplant is still in the works but the general idea is this: (basic background info) Its about a man named Alfred Murdock. He is a homicide detective and is about 23-25 years old. His dad lives with him and he spends allot of time taking care of his insane dad because he doesnít want his dad in an insane asylum. His dad has a lot of panic attacks and he hears his dad beg for his life to some being he claims to see. But when Alfred tries to talk to him he just denies it. (The Story) One night he hears his dad screaming in his room "Noo!...Nooo! I didnít tell anyone!" Alfred runs to the room and opens the door. He sees nothing but pitch black and can barely see an outline of his father on the bed. He hears something so he pauses and listens in, he hears deep breathing and groans from the opposite side of the bed. He then hears footsteps getting closer to him, he still pauses then sees a tall dark figure walking towards him and the creature lefts his arm. Alfred stands their in disbelief. The figure then jabs his fingers in Alfredís eyes and rips them both out. Alfred immediately drops and blacks out. He then finds himself in a hospital with a doctor above him. The doctor begins to say "Hello, Alfred do you now were you are? Alfred says "No.. were am I.. what happened?" Then the doctor says " Well, apparently you and your dad were attacked by a wild animal... the police arenít really sure how...Alfred... let me be brief" he than sat down next to Alfred and said "The animal ripped out your eyes...your neighbor heard a loud noise and called the cops and the cops called me and my emergency team" "We than put you on a donors list for new eyes but then we realize we had some already... we used your dead fathers eyes" Then after that he can now see all the stuff that made his father go crazy. So if you are interested in joining contact me at AIM" xxoperativexx MSN messanger: