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Hello, I was a GM from tibia

But now.. i'am not.

We had a little fight.. and now i wanna do something back

I know how to hack tibia and can upgrade skills easily

So I will help you whit upgrade all your skills +2

I am not give you equipment, money, more skills

And i don't give rookchars skillsupgrade

Cause i don't want to ruin tibia for the people who want to play fair

So if you want that i help you, Just email your account number and password and the char you want to upgrade

Email with subject Tibia

In a week that char on that account will have their skills +2

I will only do it 1 time each account

I think i can't do it after a new version of tibia, so be quick!

If there are any problems, or after a week you didn't have your account upgrade, also msg me


----->>>> email <<<<-----