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Skippy`s Safe E Mail Lists Page

Skippy`s Safe E Mail List Page

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Are a great way to advertise your business without Spamming. Below you will find a number of Pay and Free Mail Lists. The pay lists are also income opportunities. You`ll earn a commission when you refer new members to the list.

Be sure to read the list rules before you begin mailing. If you do not abide by the rules, you may be removed from the list.

List Name - BUSINESS World List

Cost - Free or $12.00 Monthy. It has two membership options. This is a great list for people who want recurring monthly income. You earn $6 monthly on everybody you refer to the list. Sponsor Just two paying members and your subscription is free. It's easy to do. It's a large well run list of 36,900 members.

Business World List

List Name - Herculist

Cost - Free or $50 yearly or $89 yearly. Free membership allows you postings to a small portion of the list population. The $50 membership allows you one posting every 48 hours and a great income opportunity. The $80 membership allows you one posting a day and a great income opportunity. The list has a very experienced and honest manager.


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