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As time goes bye I will be adding more and more pics . And stories that you have sent .

my my we were young then

This pic was taken outside Cathedral College in East Melbourne. Needless to say I was wrapped and we loved the attention when we wore the uniform. I only joined for the uniform !!!


The names are a distant memory now but hell we had a good time .I remember being so wrapped at being promoted that when being sent on the bus back home I had no sewing needle to whack on the stripes!!So what did I do .....BLUETACK!!!!Fairdinkum it looked magic and you would never have guessed.

Sargeant's Course Sale AFB

Great time .....but I never made it past being a CPL. What the least I got to say "been there done that "

This info was sent in by Ilona Lee...14 January 2002" FYI In your SGT'S course photo the guy sitting on the viewers right hand side of the course commander is Glenn Harrap from 9Flight East Sale who later went on to become a WOFF. His mother is now the current flight commander at what is now known as 409 Squadron East Sale" thanks Ilona


What Drill comp would be complete without these lads.Their very prescence and military tunes would set the hairs on the back of your hair stand on end.Ditto goes for bagpipes on ANZAC DAY while your waiting to go on the march"