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Eric Michaud


Hello and welcome to the site blah blah

:06/01/05 WELCOME!

Hey! Whats Shakin Guys? Welcome to the site, first post im kind of excited! Anyways this bitch is

still under constructionand all that jazz so dont be TOO sad if shit dosn't work...Head over to the
media section, there are some live covers i have up right now, but trust me there is alot more to come!
New EP coming out eventually! Well, how 'bout an update on what i've been doing for the past few months? It pretty much boils down to
writing alot of lyrics poetry songs etc. I've been trying to help raise money for stuff more recently, Im taking a trip down to Calgary with
some friends to Catch Warped tour and collect money for Lou Garrigs Desiese (ALS). Not really anything else to talk about at the moment.
When this site is finished it will be a tribute to the bands i've been involved in, the people that I have worked with, and the really cool shit
we've done collectively! Keep in touch! There will be some DRASTIC changes made here shortly... Take Care!

posted by: Eric