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Unholy Ep


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Someone once described censorship in america as the fascism of absolute freedom. ~ The way he saw it. Everyones opinion was complete and unbending. Considered by the individual to be law.~ But what are opinions. But interpretations. And what are interpretations but reactions?~ And if theres one arena of expression where reactions are warranted. If not demanded. It is art.~ From the album cover to the music inside. Art is and always will be perceived differently in the eye and ear of every beholder. From the right wing conservative to the kid across the street.~ Censorship is alive and well. But this time we can only hope that those minds and hearts that are closed so tightly will open to the fact that absolute freedom is exactly that absolute. ~ And it will always be that freedom and the creatures who fight for ours will keep us united.~ Art is how we heal the past, Art feels...and helps us breath.~