When Godís Our Friend, Who Can Against Us Win? Dr John Celes Christian Sonnets
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When Godís Our Friend,
Who Can Against Us Win?
Dr John Celes Christian Sonnets

Copyright © by Dr John Celes ~ All Rights Reserved.

Sonnet: When Godís Our Friend

You fear the Lord and He will spare His rod;
Have faith in Him and He will shower Grace;
Accept to be a believer of God,
And like the sun, so too will shine your face.

Believe in Him, although He is unseen;
But look for Him in all things He has made;
Just pray to Him and on His help you lean;
Praise Him; thank Him, till from this world we fade.

Never worry for He never forsakes;
He is the Almighty God and Creator;
With Him as Guide, big problems turn small aches;
To all our needs, Heíll certainly cater.

When Godís our Friend, who can against us win?
Devils are on the run, so is our sin!

Copyright © Dr John Celes

Sonnet- A Hymn To God

0 God, forgive my youthful blunders made;
Forgive my sins of yesteryears till date;
0 let my vanity of sins past fade;
Thy Wisdom and Thy grace improve my fate.

How weary is my mind and body now?
My soul impure too craves to turn holy;
How splendid and immense has been thine love?
Thou bore for man upon a cruciate tree.

Allow my string of life to become strong,
And give me time to undo all my wrong;
Upon thy heart to rest, how much I long?
0 hear 0 God, at least my plaintive song.
How can I let my earthly life to pass,
And miss Heaven awaiting me, Alas?
Copyright © Dr John Celes

Sonnet- Jesus, the Son of God

One Word of Thine can heal my wounded heart;
One look divine can work wonders from start;
One Word of Thine can change water to wine;
One touch of Thine can make a Leper fine.

Authority in Thine word's what we find;
Divinity, none can be than Thy mind;
Psychology of man, Thou know'st so well,
Who can with the Son of God, argue, tell.

What anger great, Thou hast shown in some place!
Thine advice can soothe any angry face;
Thine parables drive home morals so great; Sin's the thing, not the sinner, Thou did hate.
What love Thou had shown to the poor brethren?
And kindness too to the atheist, heathen.
Copyright © Dr John Celes

Sonnet - Follow Godís way

God has been kind to all of us, we know;
Without His blessings, we canít be what we are;
All good and bad, to him alone we owe;
He will guide us in the journey of afar.

Despite our problems, things have been quite good;
They will be better in the years to come;
However, we ought not to lose our good mood;
What God does, letís wholeheartedly welcome.

God has the path chalked out for each of us;
God has a role ear-marked for everyone;
It matters not if we go by car/bus;
Big sins and evil, we must always shun.
God will give us are reprieve on some day;
He wants each soul to come along His way.

Copyright © 2-2001 Dr John Celes

Sonnet-Friendship Needn't Long Last

My friend ain't dead but dead is my friendship;
My friend ainít friend yet, he is not my foe;
The tempest came, with out at sea my ship;
I should not blame him for my daily woe.

When selfishness has swept like forest-fire;
When pride remains like burning embers left;
When ego's mist has blinded his desire;
And years of friendship have been lost like theft!

There is no need to lament, brood or muse,
For life has shown that men of clay decay;
Our earthly life's mishaps shouldn't us confuse;
Tho' difficult, we must call it a day.

Friendship with men is not infallible;
Forgive seventy-seven times, says Bible.

Copyright © Dr John Celes

Sonnet-God's Judgement's Perfect

'All men are equal in God's eyes', we say;
This only means God loves all souls alike;
The hierarchy is surely this world's way;
Mist, snow, ice, rain are water-forms, alike.

Our loving God will judge each soul per se;
The man born rich will have to answer more;
God's judgement will be perfect anyday;
On ones deserving, His blessings will pour.

Each one must do God's errands per His wish;
The one who does it best, He rewards well;
Heaven cannot belong to men selfish;
The evil ones, God will throw into Hell.

Yet, God is always ready to help all;
He will not sin the man who heeds God's call.

Copyright © Dr John Celes

Sin separates me from God

My sins take me away from Thee afar,
And make me think, I can achieve great things,
Without the help of God I will be Star,
With health and wealth and fame among earthlings.

My sins appease my disturb'd mind somewhat,
And give me transient joy and happiness;
But not for long; I'm back in life's ghats!
And guilt engulfs with much nervousness.

In life, I ought to be nearer to God;
My sins have dug a deep abyss 'twixt us;
With weary heart, I really forgot,
Remorse, penance, provide my Omnibus.
I promise God, never to sin again.
My Sun has set and clouds will bring the Rain.

Copyright © 6-15-2001 Dr John Celes

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