God Who Holds My Tears When I Wanna Weep Christian Poetry Of Earnest Poet Author Whitley Age Sixteen
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God Who Holds My Tears,
When I Wanna Weep
Christian Poetry Of Earnest Poet Author Whitley

Copyright © by Earnest Whitley
Age Sixteen
All Rights Reserved.
Special Thanks to Special friends of
The Author, Earnest Whitley
~ Elder Mack A Harris, And
Earnest's best friend, Dez (Dezmund Harris~
Thank You and God Bless,
With Love Helen Harris


God Who I pray to everyday
God Who makes sure that I'm okay
God Who watches as I sleep
God Who holds my tears when I wanna weep
God Who I give all my faith
God Who I listen to whatever he saith
God Who tells me when not to ride
God Who keeps me from committing suicide
God Who forgives me for my sins
God Who know my situations that I'm in
God Who keeps me on track
God Who keeps the devil off my back
God Who gives me what I need
God Who will help me succeed
God Who going to give me this advance
God Who gave me another chance
Copyright © by Earnest Whitley 8-02-04


Why is there death
Why is there pain
Why is there power
And so much to gain
Why are their homes
Why are their cars
Why are their drinkers
That hang at the bar
Why is there sex
Why are there drugs
Why are there boys
That wanna be thugs
Why is there crime
Why is there sin
Why is the world so crazy
That we live in
Why are girls gay
Why are boys gay
Why do innocent people
Die everyday
If you ask me
I won't give it a try
If I knew
I wouldn't be naming this Why

Copyright © by Earnest Whitley 8-02-04

Whoso findeth a Wife findeth a Good Thing
And Obtaineth Favour of the Lord

Proverbs 18:22

Dedicated to Elder Mack & Michelle Harris
On Their Sixteen Years Marriage Anniversary
With Love, Earnest

When You find A Good Wife

When I think of you
I feel a different way
I'm happy to see you
When I wake up everyday
My life has been great
With our sixteen years of love
Without many problems
That's a sign from above
All my heart and soul
I give to you
Until the day that I die
I will always be true
You'll always be
The good part of my life
I always thank God
That he blessed you as my wife
I will be by your side
No matter what we go through
There is nothing in this world
That I won't help you do
Through anything that we
Might get into
I want you to know
That I will always love you
Copyright © by Earnest Whitley 8-02-04

When Godís Our Friend,
Who Can Against Us Win?
Dr John Celes Christian Sonnets

God Who Forgives Me For My Sins
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Author Poet Earnest Whitley Age Sixteen

The Lord shall Be Unto thee An Everlasting Light

Love Is God...His Present Is All Around Us ~ helen_harris

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Earnest Whitley Poetry submitted by Elder Mack Harris


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