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My Poems

WARNING: The following materials are copyrighted. Please do not duplicate them in any way, shape, or form. Thank you for your cooperation.
These poems probably aren't the greatest ever written, but they are the window to my thoughts and feelings at the moment. I hope you'll enjoy reading them. =)


What is Love?
Is it a free flowing breeze?
Or a never-ending stream?
Is it a final pieace of a puzzle?
Or a whole grain of wheat?
Is it a gentle baby's touch?
Or a fluffy new pillow?
What is this thing called love?
Is it an ecstacy?
Or just a fairytale?
Is it a rainbow after rainy days?
Or a garden of blossomed roses?
What is Love?
Is it an island of paradise?
Or a tropical forest?
Is it a burning flame?
Or a candle-light dinner?
What is this thing called love?
Is it a new born child?
Or a heart of gold?
Is it a walk by the lake?
Or a sky of stars?
Is it a tickle to your tummy?
Or a day at the park?
Is it an uplifting smile?
Or helping hand?
What is Love?

Author: Lindsey Ly
March 21, 2003


Home is where the heart lies, a safe haven for me to stay the night
A place where laughter fills the air, and comfort heals the soul
Home is where the times are turned, and we are children once again
Where mom and dad just roam about, and little ones would scream and shout
Home is where the soup is warm, a place for building memories
Where every little mark on the wall, tells a story from the past
Home is the door that ceases to close, to welcome me all night and day
A place where arms are always open, to comfort me all through the years
Home is where we never grow up, a place where time is still
Home is where the heart and soul is, the family that is always by your side

Author: Lindsey Ly
January, 2002


Have you ever stayed up all night, thinking about nothing at all?
And be content as you gaze above at the shining stars.
Then you grin and smile the whole night through, for no apparent reason.
Could it be because today you have taken the time to help someone?
Have you ever woken up one day feeling refreshed and new?
And stare out past your window pane, at the peaceful morning sun.
Then feel at ease as you prepare yourself for a brand new day.
Could it be because you know today you're going to make it through?
Have you ever felt like nothing in the world matters anymore?
And you're ready to conquer the day one simple step at a time.
Then you calmly take your time in starting off today.
Could it be because today you are ready for the unexpected?
Have you ever been swept off your feet, the moment you look into someone's eyes?
Then felt touched in your heart and soul by an angel in your life.
And know somehow that life has just begun.
Could it be because today you have been loved?
Have you ever felt like you have wings to fly and take you anywhere?
And feel like you can dance and sing all day, or even walk on air.
Then suddenly you are blissfully happy, with tears of joy to last a lifetime.
Could it be because today you are in love?

Author: Lindsey Ly
January, 2002


The only constant in life is change
What's here today may be gone tomorrow
All that we have worked for,
Can bring us both happiness and sorrow
We're quick to judge and look for flaws,
Never take the time to understand each other
And in the end when it's all over
We'd all look back and think, was it worth fighting for?
A life is born, and another is taken
In this world of hatred, rivalry and prejudice.
What difference does our color make?
Or how we look and what we earn, I ask you this.
If change is the only constant in life,
Then shouldn't we change the way we live?
Evolve ourselves to save our children,
Let those who love most survive.
Expensive wines, nice big houses, and fancy cars
All are just material things we can live without
Tender loving, forgiveness, and generosity
This is what life should be about
As I lay here on my bed tonight, and think back at the world today
If tomorrow never comes, would I have lived another way
So now I sleep and rest myself,
To give me strength for a brand new day.

Author: Lindsey Ly

Some Thoughts...

Many people will come in and out of your life.
All will leave a story in your past.
Some will make you cry and some will make you laugh.
Some will break your heart and some will give you the world.
But only one can give you wings to fly.
Many memories will be built, many battles will be fought.
Many mistakes will be made, many forgiveness will be given.
But nothing should be regretted.
For life is a series of trial and error.
Many hands will be offered, many shoulders will be lent.
Many strangers will be met, many friends will be made,
But no one should be taken for granted, and only one will truly love you.

Author: Lindsey Ly

Love Me For Another Moment

Tonight I sleep alone
We are forever parted for eternity
The times are passing so endlessly
Your sweet kiss is now just a memory
Promises of forever have gone with the wind
But my heart still remains the same
Just love me for another moment
Hold me in your arms like it will be the last time
The last time to say our I love yous
The last time to hold me dear and true
Our path together have reached an end
Though our heart still vow to never part
This is where we go our separate ways
So just love me for another moment
Only speak of words to soothe our ears
And lend ourselves to wipe our tears
My love I will never forget
The moment when our eyes first met
But tonight our journey starts alone
Baby, don't let our emotions turn to stone
Don't let the memories fade with the sun
Just love me for another moment

Author: Lindsey Ly


Each morning I'd wake up and pray,
To help me make it through another day.
I'd thank the heaven for every breath,
And ask God to give me strength.
Strength to keep the courage,
Strength to never give up.
I'd ask for love and safety,
For all who surrounds me.
My family and my friends,
And even those I'm yet to meet.
I'd ask for God to protect the world,
Cause I believe that He will answer.
So all the life that lives within it,
Will be safe and free, happy and more.
I'd thank God for the family He borned me into,
Cause they fill the emptiness like no other family can do.
My prayers stretch beyond today,
It reaches to others in so many ways.
I say these prayers with thoughtfulness,
Cause I believe that He will bless us.
For "Seeing is not believing", it's quite the opposite.
"Believing is seeing", that's why I pray each morning.

Author: Lindsey Ly

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