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Precious Moments (Nephews)

Don't forget to scroll all the way down to check out the new photos of our newest addition to the family, Binh's new baby! =)
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My Darling Nephews

Disneyland 2001

Qui and Sang Qui Striking A Pose

Keith and me again.
Boo Hoo. No, my nephew isn't crying =) It's just the sun hitting his eyes. Really =) This was a photo taken on his first day of school (Kindergarten) and he was anxious to go to his classroom. He was getting a little impatient and was rushing us in, hehe. This day was also an inspiration for me to consider a teaching career after seeing the cute little faces of eager students.

Sang caught on Web Cam 7/26/02

My brother and his new baby. Our latest addition to the family (Ngoc Ly)! He's so adorable!!!

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