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About Me II


Survive each day and make the most out of everything.
Succeed in all areas of life, whether it is in love, career, or family.


Watermelons, Guavas, Trai Vai (Lychees), Mang Cau (if that's how you spell it, hehe)
Mama's Cooking!, Pho, Rice, Canh Chua, Thit Kho, Fried Chicken, Steak, Snow Crab Legs, Chicken & Dumpling
Plain o` Water, Juices, Sinh To w/Tapioca, and Root Beer Floats
Pastels for the most part, but particularly Lilac
Vietnamese, Chinese, American soft rock and pop, sometimes vocal Trance
Minh Tuyet, Huy Vu, Cam Ly, Phi Nhung, Dido, Clay Aiken, Hilary Duff
Binh Minh Tinh Yeu by Minh Tuyet
White Flag by Dido
Invisible & The Way by Clay Aiken
Heaven by Yanou
Tennis, Basketball, Football (but only for watching), Swimming
Comedies, Romance, sometimes Action
TV Series:
Friends, ER, Seinfeld (when it was still around),
Reality TV Series:
The Apprentice, Average Joe, The Bachelor, American Idol
Jackie Chan, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock
Things To Do:
I am no poet but I enjoy reading and writing poems, hanging with my family, karaoke (even though I cannot sing either), and just chillin`.

What Fun?

It doesn`t take much to enthuse or impress me. I enjoy talking on the phone with people, but better yet, just hanging out, going to dinners and movies, barbecues, chillin' at the park or lake, and just many of the simple things. I like to travel from time to time, go to different places in and out of this state. I don` t really do much, but if the opportunity presents itself, I will accept the invitation. :)


Collect Currencies
Listen to and Compile Music
Read/Write Poems

Moment's Favorite Word

Serendipity: "...fortunate discoveries by accident".

I saw the movie, and just loved it. I do believe in fate and destiny, and that there is someone out there for everyone. Also, I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason, although the reason may not be present immediately, it will be understood sooner or later.

Reality Check

None at the moment

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