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My Poems


When I wake up, I put on my make up,
And I am no longer who I really am.
I look in the mirror, with every bit of a surprise.
Puzzled by an unfamiliar relfection.
He say she say, it's all around me.
But whatever happened to that voice within.
It's been so long since I last heard it.
How will I know when I hear it again?
It's not easy being me.
And so I try to be someone else.
And that isn't easy either.
These voices keep telling me this and that.
Telling me how to walk and how to talk.
They think they know what's best for me.
But what they don't know is...
I no longer know myself, where I came from or who I really am.
Everything is okay, as long as I suppress myself.
But even that is not good enough.
So when I do voice myself, it never comes out right.
And I am back to where I started.
I look in the mirror, and once again, I am puzzled by an unfamiliar reflection.


Iíve traveled far and wandered near.
Along the way, Iíve found new friends and lost some too.
Iím halfway out the door.
My heart is racing with my mind,
And it seems Iíve fallen behind.

Nothing is broken, yet it must be fixed.
Iím holding on for dear life.
With a past that keeps lingering on,
And a future I am scared to face.
I am halfway out the door.

It seems Iím hanging on to nothing.
All for a feeling I may have manifested,
An emotion I could have created.
And now Iím half way out the door.

In finding myself, Iíve found two other familiar faces.
But I am still lost within myself.
I am a mountain, I am a plateau.
I am a rock, I am a grind of sand.
This being said, I am halfway out the door.

A heart in question is a heart forsaken.
When mind is over matter, and the matter is my heart.
Someone pulls and something pushes.
And I am still halfway out the door.



Outside, the sun is shining as bright as can be.
But if you look inside, you'll see, it's pouring heavily.
At a glance, everything is okay.
But look again, and you will see.
The rose is petal-less as rain drops turn to teardrops.
And it just keeps on falling.
You'll see, something isn't right.
And the day really is the night.
From afar you think you see the sun rise.
But if you come closer you will find,
A lost child standing there with a lantern in both hands.
Trying to find her way back.
On the surface it seems, she's got it all.
But underneath it all, you will see, nothing is what is seems.
If you would just look inside, look again, and come closer, you will see...
You will see.


What is Love?
Is it a free flowing breeze?
Or a never-ending stream?
Is it a final piece of a puzzle?
Or a whole grain of wheat?
Is it a gentle baby's touch?
Or a fluffy new pillow?
What is this thing called love?
Is it an ecstacy?
Or just a fairytale?
Is it a rainbow after rainy days?
Or a garden of blossomed roses?
What is Love?
Is it an island of paradise?
Or a tropical forest?
Is it a burning flame?
Or a candle-light dinner?
What is this thing called love?
Is it a new born child?
Or a heart of gold?
Is it a walk by the lake?
Or a sky of stars?
Is it a tickle to your tummy?
Or a day at the park?
Is it an uplifting smile?
Or a helping hand?
What is Love?

Author: Lindsey Ly
March 21, 2003


If I knew tomorrow, how will I be today?
Will I alter my path and change the way?
Or because I knew, tomorrow will come and stay?
But what if I tamper with tomorrow?
Will fate still exist, will all others follow?
Ambiguity. Irony. No, I don't want to know.
If I knew tomorrow, how will I be today?
Will it manifest itself, or will I change the way?
Will there be no more surpises, nothing to look forward to?
When faced with tomorrow, will I know what to do?

Author: Lindsey Ly
March 20, 2003

TIME- Friend or Foe?
(This poem is a reflection on my feelings about the news that a close relative of mines may not have much longer to live)

There was a time when it seems nothing can ever go wrong.
But now all we can do it hope, pray, and strive to be strong.
The end awaits us near or far, not caring about our will.
All is left behind, when time is standing still.
A seed soon blossoms into a beautiful flower.
And that flower soon wilts like the rest of time.
Time is our ally, yet time is also our enemy.
Through time we learn to love, hate, laugh and cry.
Through time we learn to appreciate those by our side.
Not until the day comes when we realize for every beginning, there is an end.
Not until the day comes, when we realize that time is no longer our friend.
At the beginning of time, it seems we have so much in our hand.
But now for even just a day more, weíd do everything we can.
Just as time will bring happiness into our lives,
Time will just as easily take them away.
Time is our friend, yet time is also our foe.
No matter how many tears will fall, no matter how hard we try
Time will soon no longer be by our side.
Time is our friend, yet time is also our foe.

Author: Lindsey Ly
March 6, 2003


Home is where the heart lies, a safe haven for me to stay the night
A place where laughter fills the air, and comfort heals the soul
Home is where the times are turned, and we are children once again
Where mom and dad just roam about, and little ones would scream and shout
Home is where the soup is warm, a place for building memories
Where every little mark on the wall, tells a story from the past
Home is the door that ceases to close, to welcome me all night and day
A place where arms are always open, to comfort me all through the years
Home is where we never grow up, a place where time is still
Home is where the heart and soul is, the family that is always by your side

Author: Lindsey Ly
January, 2002


Have you ever stayed up all night, thinking about nothing at all?
And be content as you gaze above at the shining stars.
Then you grin and smile the whole night through, for no apparent reason.
Could it be because today you have taken the time to help someone?
Have you ever woken up one day feeling refreshed and new?
And stare out past your window pane, at the peaceful morning sun.
Then feel at ease as you prepare yourself for a brand new day.
Could it be because you know today you're going to make it through?
Have you ever felt like nothing in the world matters anymore?
And you're ready to conquer the day one simple step at a time.
Then you calmly take your time in starting off today.
Could it be because today you are ready for the unexpected?
Have you ever been swept off your feet, the moment you look into someone's eyes?
Then felt touched in your heart and soul by an angel in your life.
And know somehow that life has just begun.
Could it be because today you have been loved?
Have you ever felt like you have wings to fly and take you anywhere?
And feel like you can dance and sing all day, or even walk on air.
Then suddenly you are blissfully happy, with tears of joy to last a lifetime.
Could it be because today you are in love?

Author: Lindsey Ly
January, 2002

Some Thoughts...

Many people will come in and out of your life.
All will leave a story in your past.
Some will make you cry and some will make you laugh.
Some will break your heart and some will give you the world.
But only one can give you wings to fly.
Many memories will be built, many battles will be fought.
Many mistakes will be made, many forgiveness will be given.
But nothing should be regretted.
For life is a series of trial and error.
Many hands will be offered, many shoulders will be lent.
Many strangers will be met, many friends will be made,
But no one should be taken for granted, and only one will truly love you.

Author: Lindsey Ly

Love Me For Another Moment

Tonight I sleep alone
We are forever parted for eternity
The times are passing so endlessly
Your sweet kiss is now just a memory
Promises of forever have gone with the wind
But my heart still remains the same
Just love me for another moment
Hold me in your arms like it will be the last time
The last time to say our I love yous
The last time to hold me dear and true
Our path together have reached an end
Though our heart still vow to never part
This is where we go our separate ways
So just love me for another moment
Only speak of words to soothe our ears
And lend ourselves to wipe our tears
My love I will never forget
The moment when our eyes first met
But tonight our journey starts alone
Baby, don't let our emotions turn to stone
Don't let the memories fade with the sun
Just love me for another moment

Author: Lindsey Ly

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