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toucan sam challange

this is the toucan sam adventure that u can find here

Questions=Q answer=A

Round one

Q what shades are his tail feathers?
A Red, yellow, pink

Q How many nephews does toucan sam have?
A Three

Q How long has toucan sam loved froot loopsŪ?
A Ever since he was a baby bird

Q Who are his buddies in the jungle?
A His three nephews, who are just crazy about froot loopsŪ as he is

Q What is hes most liked activity?
A Looking for delicious new Froot loopsŪ

Q Where does toucan sam live?
A In a tree house in the highest tree in the jungle

Q How many items of food did Toucan sam take out of his bag?
A Four

Q why is his nose so big?
A to help him sniff out all of his most liked fruit loopsŪ scents

Round one ends

Round Two

Q How many pteri are sitting in the tree?
A Two

Q what food does toucan sam like best?
A Froot loopsŪ

Q What shades are his beak
A Black, pink, red and yellow.

Q How many tail feathers does toucan sam have?
A Three

Q what does toucan sam always have for breakfast?
A A bowl of fruit loops

Q what type of bike is toucan sam riding?
A red bike

Q where does toucan same live?
A in a tree house

Q what flowers are nearby
A Gardenias

Q what is in the bikes basket?
A Two chokatoes

end of round 2

round 3

Q what flowers are nearby
A fundus fruit

Q what is toucan same always hunting for?
A Kelloggs Froot loopsŪ

Q how many newphews does toucan sam have?
A three

Q how many mynci are in the picture?
A two

Q how many juppies are in the picture?
A three

Q what are the nephews most liked food?
A kellog froot loopsŪ

Q what colour is the back pack toucan sam is wearing?
A red and yellow

Q what pets pet is hiding in the jungle
A cobrall

Q how old are his newphews?
A six years old