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Illusens Glade prizes
Illusens Glade Prizes

These are the prizes for illusen's glade and at what number you get them at

Illusen's quests can be found here

Item Picture Descricption Level
Illusens Cream Cookie Yummmy cream cookies that are great after any meal or for a special treat. These are one of Illusens favorite treats. 1
Illuseuns Potion As potions go this one is pretty enlightening in an earthy way. 3
Illuseuns Comb Keep your pets hair silky and smooth with the help of this comb. No more leaves and twigs in your pets hair. 5
Cucumber Eye Cream This is the perfect eye cream for the nocturnal pets that dont get much beauty sleep. 8
Illuseuns Novel Learn about your favorite faerie Illusen in this gripping novel about her life... 11
Mud Mixture They say mud is good for the skin. Lets find out... 14
Flower Cake This cake almost looks too good to eat. Nah!!! This cake was made for a very special pet. 17
Rain Water Shampoo Clean and condition your pets hair with this wonderful rain water based shampoo. 20
Rose Shake Illusens favorite drink. This yummy shake is a wonderful treat for you pet. 23
Earth Spell Book Find out more about the spells that the ancient earth faeries used to use. 26
Leaf Shield This shield was used in many battles by Illusen herself. Use it well in the fight against evil!29
Illusens Earth Potion This potion is a great weapon to use against any creature that doesnt respect nature.32
Honey Potion This potion is a great way to put your opponent in a sticky situation!35
Illusens Scroll Read all about Illusens many adventures in this scroll written by Illusen. 38
Illusens Blade Keep your opponents at bay with this magical blade made specifically for Illusen.41
Leaf Taco This delicious looking taco is a rare delicacy that Illusen makes herself. 44
Illusens Orb Plant This beautiful plant will make any garden look like a magical paradise. 47
Illusens Staff This is Illusens ultimate weapon. She only allows her most worthy friends to use it.50

Thank you to the people who have finshed illusen's quest and told me the ones i didn't know

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