Dan Tilt 763 castle Rd. Newcastle, Corners borough 74B N2L September 17 / 1898 Editor London Times 1548 Times Rd. Petersburg, Newcastle 56L 12K Dear editor: I am writing this in response to your article “New Technology Can Save Lives.” I feel that this research should not be occurring in the scientific organization, it is wrong and unethical. I believe this is unethical because to get the spare body parts you must disturb the grave. Dr. Frankenstein would go to the graveyards and dig up dead corpses to locate the finest human fragments. He would go out at the darkest hours of the night armed with just a flashlight and a shovel. Sometimes it would take hours digging up graves to locate the part he was looking for. How could anybody disturb the grave even for the sake of science without even a consent from a family member or anything. Although Victor has successfully brought a human or creature whichever way you want to look at it back from the dead there will always be complications. Such as he is destructive, deformed, and uncontrollable. The creature shows this by even turning on his creator Victor Frankenstein. If he can turn on the on man that gave him life then there is no way of telling if this animal will strike again and whom he will strike against. If we did allow Dr. Frankenstein to continue this mad research what is to say that he wont keep on doing it after he has been told not to. As written in another article “ Electronic Living, Good or Bad” Victor Frankenstein vowed to stop doing the research after he saw what had happened to the beast he created earlier. He then found himself in the laboratory once again after the tragic murder of his new wife. Having read this letter you should consider my reasons against this and feel the same way that I do, and make a stand against this horrific act of science. It is not only disturbing but is unethical in many ways. Sincerely: Dan Tilt dantilt@hotmail.com
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