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Wimpy MP3 Player




Version History





LINUX, MAC, UNIX or WINDOWS server running PHP or ASP.

PHP version: Tested with PHP version 4.3... so PHP version 4.3 is recommended, however I have had success with earlier versions of PHP... version 4.1 seems to be the lowest version that Wimpy will run on.

ASP version: Tested on Windows XP Professional with .NET installed. The ASP code is based onVBscript, so Wimpy "should" work on earlier version of Windows Servers.


1. Upload wimpy.php/asp and wimpy.swf to your mp3 directory on your web server.
2. Access wimpy.php/asp with your browser.  Example:
3. If the example plays fine, set the quick options and click "Save Config File" and upload the resulting file to your wimpy folder. Refresh you page. To make additional configuration changes, .visit: 



Visit: to generate custom HTML to control the way Wimpy looks and behaves.

The link above will also enable you to embed wimpy into another page on your Web site (outside of your mp3 directory).

Be sure to visit the "tools" section at for addition helper tools -- such as the Pop Up Window Maker, Playlister and Skin Machine.



v5.0.04 Jun. 27, 2005
New Features:
- Embed playlist into Wimpy Player HTML or JavaScript code.
- Play RSS / XML podcasts natively
- Optional external XML Configuration file
- Use multiple configuration files with a single install.
- Authentication script for the super-paranoid.
- MySQL "existing database" helper scripts
- Play / Pause toggle button
- "Random Playback" has been replaced by "Shuffle Playlist"
- Loop button has three states: Loop Playlist, loop single track and off
- Playlists no longer loop by default
- "First run" installation -- build configuration file immediately after uploading.
- Easy JavaScript "makeWimpyPlayer" for multiple instances on a page.
- Use Wimpy MP3 Player like Wimpy Button.
- Flash 7 compatible
- Resize the player without freaking out the skin.
- Startup logo is just a logo, not including the "wimpy" word.
- Visual link now defined by the "comments" tag in either the ID3 tag or Playlist "comments" tag.

v4.1 - Feb. 27, 2005
- Added optional "vote" button.
- Added "fake" graphic EQ to simulate a graphic EQ.
- Added Playlist scroll up/down buttons.
- Added ability to edit the start up text via Skin Machine.

v 4.0.31 - Dec. 10, 2004
- Added option to stop after each track (only available through the customizer tool. No button on the player)
- Added "force XML compliance" option so people can build their own back-end app to connect to the wimpy front-end.
- Added "default jpg" in the case that there is not an image in a given folder / per graphic, the player will default to, well, the default image,rather than maintain the existing image.
- Fixed bug with demo: scrubber grabber scrolls off screen.
- Fixed bug with demo: long text in info display would over run into the time.
- Changed the way skin.xml files are handled. Rather than dropping a skin.cml file into the wimpy folder, one must enter the http://www/path/to/skin.xml. This allows for using skins with XML playlists, and is generally much more versatile.
- XML files that have "skin" in the file name are automatically hidden from wimpy.php/asp.
- Moved the ID3 extraction out of the main script and into a separate collection of files. Now using getID3() by James Heinrich as a separate library.

v 4.0.18 - Sept. 17, 2004
- Revamped wimpy so that it can accommodate skins.
- Added support for non-western characters.
- Added option for preventing mp3s from being locally cached by the end user.
- Added option for ecom window.
- Created Skin Machine so that users can easily customize the design of the player.

v 3.0.9 - August 30, 2004
- Fixed bug with image loading (again)

v 3.0.7 - August 16, 2004
- Fixed bug with background color.
- Moved graphics to the left of the player for wimpy-graphic.swf

v 3.0.5 - July 30, 2004
- Fixed weirdo image loading bug.
- Replaced thinker graphic.

v 3.0 - July 22, 2004
- Enabled wimpy to be used with a shopping cart system. Set the "comments" ID3 tag or the XML "comments" field to the URL for your shopping cart item.
- Added auto detect visual capacities. Simply drop an image named "coverart.jpg/swf" into the root of each mp3 directory/sub-directory. Or if you wan to use an individual image for each track, drop in a jpg/swf file with the same name as the mp3
- Added support for the following non-western characters: ^ ~ `
- Fixed volume control "weirdness"
- Fixed "sticky scrubber" and "diamond shift"
- Add the "smart" random so that wimpy "knows" which tracks have been selected and won't re-play randomly selected tracks until all track have been played.
- Fixed Upper/mixed case discovery bug
- Fixed the "getMyid3info" bug
- Added support for "force download" for the ASP version
- Added support for Playlister "save to server" for the ASP version

v2.0.51 - June 23, 2004
- Fixed the force download option
- Fixed the MySQL force download bug

v2.0.50 - June 17, 2004
- Re-vamped the MySQL connection scripts.
- Fixed bug with the playlist handle.
- Added the "Loop Current Track" button.

v2.0.47 - May 25, 2004
- Streamlined the Library within the FLA source to provide easier editing / skinning.
- Added "Force download"option rather than popping the track into a "_BLANK" page, PHP will now try and force the download so the user can save it to their local machine.

April 2004
- Created Wimpy AV - a derivative of Wimpy that plays video -primarily the same basic code as Wimpy, but alterations were necessary to bring the actionscript code up to actionscript version 2 specs. Wimpy MP3 player still relies on actionscript version 1 to run properly.

v2.0.33 - March. 8, 2004
- Added support for some non-western characters: ä é
- Added support for MySQL database connectivity
- Create Wimpy for ASP
- Added option to display ID3 information in the playlist or simply the filename.

v2.0.32 - Feb. 22, 2004
- Retooled Wimpy's actionscript from the ground up. (i.e. removed the cludge factor)
- Added support for XML playlists
- Created Playlister to assist in building XML playlists.

v 1.8a - jan 31, 2004
- Customization via HTML.
- Volume control fix for MAC users. (Volume settings were not carried over to the next song)

v 1.8 - jan 22, 2004
- Added help pop-ups
- Fixed volume controls. (the volume would revert when the next song loaded + mute and full volume)
- Changed playlist item "double click action" to a single click
- Moved preferences into a query string that is passed into wimpy.swf via HTML.
- Demo in SWF and PHP.
- You can now move the wimpy.swf to another location outside of your wimpy folder by editing the HTML (rather than editing the source.fla fie).

v 1.7b - dec 5, 2003
- redesigned the user interface to make it cooler--more like itunes.

v 1.7 - oct. 14, 2003
- added some additional troubleshooting variables... have been able to get wimpy working with PHP version 4.06 by setting troubleshoot2 to true.
- added a directory filter, so you can hide particular directories from wimpy... especially good for people who have ugly front page directories hanging around.
- added an option in the wimpy.fla so that you can randomly select the first song to play from the playlist--then the rest of the songs will play in order.
- moved the customization features to the PHP page for easier editing

v 1.6 - aug 19, 2003
- included a download button so that users can download the source.mp3 file. This feature can be disabled through the wimpy.fla file by double clicking the wimpy player and on the "options" layer changing the variable: displayDownloadButton = true; from true to false.
- PHP revisions to accommodate different version of PHP + troubleshooting.

v 1.5a - aug 18, 2003
- PHP revisions only.
- added troubleshooting for legacy PHP version.
- included action to display PHP info (wimp.php?action=phpinfo)

v 1.5 - aug 2, 2003
- retro fitted the PHP so that it works under earlier versions of PHP (tested on PHP version 4.0.5. -- thanks to for letting me test on his server).
- Made a new skin that makes wimpy really small.

v 1.4
- removed the capacity to save id3 info to a text file... too much hassle for the end user, although obtaining the directly list and mp3 info does require more"resources"

v 1.3c
- fixed idiotic problem with 1.3.b (wimpy was reading any file other than "txt" and "mp3"). Du.

v 1.3b
- incorporated getid3.riff.php by James Heinrich <> - to parse RIFF frames.
- fixed filename issues where the filename contained characters incomparable with Flash.

v 1.3a
- incorporated getid3.getimagesize.php by James Heinrich <> - to handle mp3 files that have an image embedded in them.

v 1.3
- playlist now has id3 information
- a text file containing wimpy formatted id3 information is created for each mp3 file. This increase the speed it takes to get wimpy going and minimizes the overhead required to process mp3's numerous times.
- cleaned up the source FLA file so that it is easier to "skin"
- turned wimpy into a movie clip so that you can "copy and paste" wimpy into your existing FLA project.

v 0.5
- removed a little bit of the ugliness
- should run with or without "register_globals"=On/Off

v 0.4
- the first release of the newer version which deviates from using playlists. Millions of bugs and very ugly code, but hey it works!



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