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The Little Girl

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Can you hear her cries
Can you feel her pain
Because in her eyes
Tears fall like rain

As she curls up in a corner
And hopes that no one sees
She prays that the terror that has torn her
Will some day soon flee

She wonders, how can this possibly be
Doesn't she realize this is hurting me
Can't she see the pain in my eyes
Can't she hear my terrifying cries

Dear Lord, please if you can
Make her understand
That what she is doing is wrong
And it's gone on for far too long

Quick before it's too late
Before she makes that fatal mistake

My name is Crissy
And I am only five years old
My mother has sent me to a safer place
Where I no longer have to carry the load

For it is to late
She has made that fatal mistake

But Oh Lord, please have mercy on her
For she is my one and only mother
Any my heart will always love her

Can you hear my cries
Can you feel my pain
Because in my eyes
Tears fall like rain

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