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1/2 dozen $11.95
1 dozen $19.95

NATURAL - with lemon sauce
MORNAY - grilled with cheese mornay sauce
KILPATRICK - grilled with bacon and worcestershire sauce
MIXED - your choice of a combination of natural - mornay - kilpatrick


$2.50 each

natural oysters in a spicy bloody mary mix (minimum order of 6)



Irish Potato Soup
with a warm roll

Char Grilled Vegetables
with polenta & pesto

spicy salt & pepper calamari, tossed in a salad with an asian dressing

Cajun Chicken
with pumpkin risotto & shaved parmesan

Sizzling Garlic Prawns
king prawns in olive oil & garlic butter

Coconut Prawns
tiger prawns in a coconut batter with a curry dipping sauce

Saganaki Prawns
sizzling prawns in a tomato chilli coulis & fetta cheese



Herb Bread

Garlic Bread

Tomato Bruschetta

Warm Capsicum Bruschetta
with fetta cheese

Damper with Three Butters

Bowl of Homemade Fat Chips

Bowl of Fries



Rocket Salad
with parmesan & vinaigrette dressing

Side Salad
with chef's dressing

Caesar Salad
with our own special dressing

Greek Salad
with olives & fetta