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Many thanks to Andrew Baker .

Ex :

1 FLT (Cadet)

8 FLT (Cadet and Staff)

5 FLT (Staff)

HQ Staff

These pics were submitted to us on the 18 FEBRUARY 2003..

A picture taken of me in 1981

A picture of my Dad in his commonwealth Police uniform and me in my ATC uniform taken in 1980

A pic of Mum (PLTOFF Marg Baker) and me taken at 8 FLT in 1983

A pic of FLT Neil Spurreland me taken at %FLT when I was leaving and being posted to Woomera ( I have another one somewhere with Neil,Malavisi and me taken on the same night.Both Malavisi and I left at the same time ).

A scan of the old AIRTC Crest taken from my plaque