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Hey, welcome to my site! I'm just getting started and I'm new to the webpage making thing. Some pages are not done yet, or some pages do not work the way that I want them too. I'll be making changes along the way, so bear with me.

Each link is pretty self explanatory; it's about whatever the title of the link says. The History link has a brief timeline of Led Zeppelin's career. The Band page has information about each member. The Discography page has release dates of each album and pictures of each album as well. The Lyrics page has links to other sites with lyrics. The Other Info page has information other than that inside the links listed. And lastly, the About Me page is obviously about me, and some more on why I did this site. Below is a list of all the links to the sources that I used from the internet. I also have my email listed. Feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting! Come again soon!

My Sources